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All Grown Up and Still Learning Social Media

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team –   I have been in social media for the better part of eleven years and counting. I have never considered myself a guru, nor could I ever become one, because the biggest challenge in this industry has been to keep up with the technology. I am a partner in a boutique Online Marketing and PR firm. A great portion of our efforts go into helping our clients with the new media and its ever evolving tools and best practices. A big emphasis is placed on ROI ...

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The Perfect Tweet with Real-Time Scheduling

By Camille McClane --  Twitter has helped bridge the gap between companies and consumers by providing a mode of communication that is both up-to-date and immediate. The platform seems over-crowded with content, so how do you capture your desired reader’s attention with the right tweet at the right moment? Here are some tips: The Right Time Just because there are millions of users on twitter, doesn’t mean that they’re all focused on you. You need to know when your target audience is even...

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Facebook’s New Face Lift

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team –– Did you see the Facebook updated look yet? Yep, it’s happened again they now have a new look that will probably affect your branded pages. The app is striving to make things easier for users and businesses. In the platform’s pursuit of user friendly and ease are we actually benefiting from this change? Here are a few thoughts… I do like the new design. It’s clean and sharp and pleasing to the eyes and it seems more organized. Access t...

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Social Media Versus Social Responsibility

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team ––  Facebook and Instagram have just announced that it is tightening its policy to make it more difficult for people (particularly to minors) to illegally sell or trade guns on Facebook and Instagram. By blocking minors from seeing posts about gun sales and trades, they are taking a bold step into the realm of social responsibility. Whether you are for or against gun control, begs the question. The issue at heart is how far should social platforms like ...

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