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Around the World in an Internet Minute

By Bob Speyer and Kristin Tomlinson – Web Success Team The speed of the way we communicate has morphed into an Internet monster. Today we can virtually work in anywhere on the planet. Hotels, planes, cell phones — anywhere we can get our WiFi fix. Yesterday's news is today's fish warp. Our gratification is instantaneous, but like anything, be careful what you wish for. There is always a downside to hyper-productivity. From Tortoise to Virtual Hare. It’s hard to comprehend that it...

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All Aboard … the Facebook Train Is Leaving the Station

By Bob Speyer and Kristin Tomlinson – Web Success Team In the beginning, many skeptics believed that like Blackberrys and MySpace, Facebook was just another socializing tool that gave students another techno-way to communicate with friends and peers from schools near and far. But, Facebook has loosened its firm grasp on the younger generation by extending its hand towards various businesses and companies, creating a web of networking connections. What was once restricted solely for college ...

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Of Blogging and Bloggers – A Phenomenon That Has Captured the Online World’s Imagination

Back when blogs didn’t exist…or did they? By Eric Pangburn Web Success Team Contributor Looking back, it is hard to imagine that there was a time when things such as "blogs", "blogging" and "bloggers" didn't exist. Yes, some of us have been around long enough to remember when everyone didn't have some sort of online presence. Things are a lot different today as blogs are routinely used by everyone in order to achieve web success, implement corporate branding and act as an effective t...

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Making a Difference in Cambodia One Child at a Time

  By Bob and Janette Speyer Save Poor Children in Asia Organization (S.C.A.O.) is a learning center for orphaned, homeless and poor children in Cambodia. This year the Web Success Team traveled to Phnom Penh as tourists and left as volunteers committed to improving the lives and futures of the children of Cambodia. (more…)

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Effective Tips For Generating Leads in Today’s Changing Online World

By Bob Speyer and Eric Pangburn Web Success Team You can have the flashiest and most visually impressive website on the Internet, but if no one ever visits it, then your site isn't really doing you that much good. By the same token, an e-commerce site that pulls in a fair amount of traffic but very little actual sales isn't living up to its potential either. In both cases, the one factor that can tip the scales in your favor is effective lead generation. And not just any leads, mind you; what...

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