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Mobile Means Business!

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –  Fact: The fastest growing segment in marketing is Mobile. If businesses what to be relevant they need to take a serious look at “mobilizing” and develop a well-defined mobile strategy… or they could be at a real competitive disadvantage! Remember, businesses are competing for eyeballs and need to be where our on-the-go society is, namely on their tablets and smart phones. Today’s smartphone generation means that businesses in all sectors need t...

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All Grown Up and Still Learning Social Media

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team –   I have been in social media for the better part of eleven years and counting. I have never considered myself a guru, nor could I ever become one, because the biggest challenge in this industry has been to keep up with the technology. I am a partner in a boutique Online Marketing and PR firm. A great portion of our efforts go into helping our clients with the new media and its ever evolving tools and best practices. A big emphasis is placed on ROI ...

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The Perfect Tweet with Real-Time Scheduling

By Camille McClane --  Twitter has helped bridge the gap between companies and consumers by providing a mode of communication that is both up-to-date and immediate. The platform seems over-crowded with content, so how do you capture your desired reader’s attention with the right tweet at the right moment? Here are some tips: The Right Time Just because there are millions of users on twitter, doesn’t mean that they’re all focused on you. You need to know when your target audience is even...

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