What Do Mortgages and Parenting Have in Common?

By Bob Speyer, President – Web Success Team

On the face of it, more than you think when you consider raising children and obtaining a mortgage as two of the most important and difficult challenges parents face in these modern and uncertain economic times. But that is not really the main thrust of this article; nor is it just an attention grab.

The Web Success Team has just launched two direct response websites with very different yet distinct marketing focuses:

Be Informed. Make the Right Mortgage Decision.

NuCapitalNuCapital.ca, one of Canada’s premier mortgage brokers, contracted the Web Success Team to build their business online and market their outstanding services. They purchased Team’s complete online marketing solution, the Solopreneur Marketing Package, which includes a direct response website and 6 months of online marketing and promotion.

The first assessment we made was to position them as an authority on the mortgage industry with the message to the consumer to be better informed in order to make the right mortgage decision. Then we wanted to show the benefits in using NuCapital to find them the best loan for their unique financial situation. We added the tagline: “A Fresh Nu Approach to Mortgage Lending” to reinforce their online positioning and branding as working for their interest, not the banks.

NuCapital wanted to attract more clients and engage them. Our approach was two-fold. First was to build a direct response marketing website, including an opt-in to capture name and email with a downloadable free report, along with an online application to “know their mortgage options.” The color palette is especially important in that we wanted the visitor to feel “safe.” We selected a lighter and darker shade of cool blue and a complimentary cream. The home page is of course the main focus of any website and we segmented it so the visitor could see the immediate benefits of using NuCapital for all their mortgage needs. The copy was written to give them a quick advantages comparison on their promise of a “nu approach to mortgage lending.”

Having just completed the site, we are now in Phase II — Online Marketing and Promotion. Because the client has a local geographic target area, greater Toronto, we focused on placing NuCapital on several local directories. In addition to fully optimizing the website for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN, we created a WordPress blog. Keyword rich articles are being written, blogged and submitted to article aggregators to further increase the company’s Internet footprint. We are also using Social Media Network Marketing to broaden their reach through the use of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and achieve web success.

Offline, the client is doing staged postcard mailings to draw visitors to the site and further market their services to the local geo areas.

Helping Parents Raise Extraordinary Children

Great Parenting AcademyGreat Parenting Academy is the brainchild of Terri Khonsari, a noted author, coach, consultant and successful parent. She created the Academy to assist and educate parents in developing skills on how to raise an exceptional child. She has brought together acclaimed experts in the field of child psychology and child development, including best-selling “Chicken Soup” author Jack Canfield, child psychologist Dr Brenda Wade and Janet Attwood, educator and best selling author of The Passion Test.

The Web Success Team was asked to develop a website to promote their inaugural one-day live event. We branded the site to depict the growth and learning phases of child development and gave it an informational resource feel. The site is easy to navigate where prospective attendees can delve deeper to find topics, speakers and activities that will interest and engage them. There is also an early bird registration request and blog for additional up-to-date information and resources. Again, colors were selected to elicit positive reaction from the target group of young parents. Eggshell yellow is the predominant background color with red accents. Finally, there is a bookmark tag so the site can be shared through social media.

The Web Success Team

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    October 21st, 2009 22:08  / 

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. WebSuccessTeam
    October 27th, 2009 11:23  / 

    Thanks for the support. . .of course!

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