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New Facebook Feature Increases Interactivity Between Friends

By Kristin Tomlinson and Bob Speyer

Facebook is constantly adding new features and applications to allow people to be more interactive on the web. At the F8 conference in San Francisco (where Facebook developers and entrepreneurs market the future of personalized and social technologies), Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new feature that will encourage people to become more interactive with their friends on some of their favorite websites. This new application will help advance users social experience by allowing people to participate more not only on Facebook, but on the worldwide web as well. The idea is that other web sites will drive traffic back to Facebook, and in turn receive traffic from Facebook.

How Much Do You “Like” a Website?

This new feature functions through the already existing “like” button on Facebook. The “like” button will appear across the web on various websites like Pandora, CNN and Yelp. When you go to these websites and click the “like” button, a link to that specific page or article will be added to your Facebook profile and that story will be shared with your friends on your newsfeed, profile etc. For example, if you “like” an article on yelp, it will automatically be distributed to your friends on Facebook. The feature will also show you which of your friends have already “liked” a particular website, shared and commented on.

Coming to a Website Near You

This new “like” button is popping up across the web and is giving people a chance to connect with the things they really care about and share that experience with their friends. It is offering an opportunity for Facebook users to develop a more personal and social experience the minute they arrive on their favorite sites. This new feature is just one of many that will be making their way to the Facebook surface in the coming months. It’s a minor glimpse of all the new tools, techniques and gadgets that are evolving everyday that are being created to aid in business growth strategies and help improve networking, marketing and advertising capabilities.

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