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New Twitter Tools to Benefit Advertisers and Users

By Bob Speyer and Kristin Tomlinson

A few exciting new tools have blasted onto the web that are being used to advance the Twitter market and attract advertisers and users toward new markets. Even Google has entered the Twitter universe and further support the view that Twitter is a marketing tool that is here to stay. Advertisers can now reach users who can in turn be paid for supporting the advertisers efforts. Users can also increase their customer base and connect with more relevant Tweeters. Here are a few innovative tools and their features that will motivate you to tweet and keep the Twitter buzz alive:

Promoted Tweets: Twitter has just announced a new revenue-generated ad model called Promoted Tweets. It connects advertisers with tweeters. Advertisers can use the same 140-character messages to promote their brands and will appear on users Twitter pages. Tweeters can then earn money for spreading the tweet a to their followers, thereby going viral. Advertisers create and make an offer to tweeters, who in turn write tweets and include links to advertiser’s sites. Sponsored Tweets then will make electronic payments to the tweeter participants.Starbucks is already on board with this new Twitter tool and their sponsored posts will appear atop user-based searches that relate to their product.

Replay Popular Tweets: Google is now allowing people to rewind time and check out popular tweets through their Google Replay feature. You can now focus in on any point in time and replay what people have tweeted about on various topics that made headline news the previous months and later back a few years. By indexing all the most popular tweets, Google is allowing people to go back in time and see how people expressed their opinions and how they reacted to particular events on Twitter — all good marketing information.

Find and Follow Twitter Users: Google is supporting Twitter by rolling out their new Google Follow Finder tool. In brief, it displays a list of Twitter members who are not yet on your “following” list and gives you the option of whether you want to follow them or not. This will allow you to follow twitters who are in your target market with the “hope” of having them follow you as well. The lists are created using public following and follower lists on Twitter. The best part about this tool is that you can use it without ever logging onto Twitter, all you have to do is just enter you Twitter account name on Google Follow Finder. So now the next time you want to find people to follow on Twitter, you can choose which are interesting to follow and those that aren’t your target market.

These new options express the ever-expanding Twitter world and are designed to help organize all the overload of information that is generated by Twitter. This will help users organize their accounts in more useful and efficient ways. It will also allow Twitter users to drill down to locate users to your choice and become more selective and effective in reaching and expanding your base.

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