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You’re in Control with New Facebook Privacy Settings

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team

Users protested and Facebook listened. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has just rolled changes to make it easier for users to configure their privacy settings and to retroactively control access to content that has been previously posted. In essence, Facebook has given the user more control in the information available to everyone — both past and present. This is going to be a big relief to Facebook users, as we are all concerned about unauthorized third party access to our personal information. Facebook has once again proved to its users that they are vigilant in the protection of its user base and acknowledging we are not avatars!

New Facebook Privacy Control Features

Master Control Center: A new easy-to-use one-click privacy control center enables users to establish who can see content they share through Facebook. It makes it easier to limit or allow access to content to friends, their friends and all others with a single click. More advanced settings continue to be options for those who want even more control.

Limits Public Display of Information: The new control features will reduce the information available to everyone. It will now be limited to name, profile picture (optional), gender and any networks users join. Facebook will no longer mandate that friends and connections are visible to everyone. In essence, users can now choose to make all other connections private and hence more user control over their pages.

Control Applications and Personalization: Facebook gives you control to turn off Platform applications and websites that previously could access your information. Even if you enjoy these Facebook-based apps, you may not prefer to share their information outside of Facebook. In addition, you can easily opt-out of the Instant Personalization program that links your account with third parties like Yelp and Pandora. Future applications will also be denied access. Again applications will have to ask for approval in order to access any user information that is not available to everyone.

Taking the Right User Approach

Facebook has taken a public relations faux pas and turned it into a plus by reacting quickly to their users’ criticism and concerns about access to their personal information. They have not only addressed their concerns about privacy, but actually improved the functionality and making the settings easier to use thereby enhancing the user experience. This is a good example of reputation management and control. Our hats are off to you, Facebook!

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