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Turning “Oops” into Opportunity!

By Bob Speyer and Kristin Tomlinson

Everyone has sent out an email with either a mistake or omitted important information. We’re only human and that’s part of our nature. So what happens next? A second email is immediately sent out following the first blast that corrects the previous mistakes.

There is one BIG difference, however. The “Oops” email is opened at 3 times the rate of the original one. Why? Because we don’t mind the mistakes, but we’re curious creatures and want to see where the “slip up” was made. This tiny error can turn into one major marketing advantage.

Turning A Negative into A Positive

It is perceived as “careless” and “absent-minded” when information goes out to your customers with a blatant mistake or false information. However, many marketers see this as an advantage, and not as a negative. It is an opportunity to reconnect with your audience and send them another personal email with the correct information.

With the proper mistakes fixed, you have the opportunity of making the second email more sincere and personal then the first by sprinkling it with tidbits of information regarding new products and services or seasonal promotions and sales being offered by your company. This will make a longer lasting impression on customers, leaving them with a positive opinion towards the company and make them forget about the errors in the original email.

Don’t Close the Window of Opportunity

A business associate of mine inadvertently sent out an “Oops” email the other day. She was advertising an Online Social Media Conference and was giving out the wrong link to sign-up. Since signing up for the Conference wasn’t at the top of my “to do list”, and I was on deadline for other projects, I waited to open it. Then I left for lunch and upon my return, the corrected version was in my inbox. Guess what I did? Curiosity is killer and I opened the “Oops” first as opposed to the former version.

Customers can forgive wrong, in error or omitted information providing it can be made right again. Any marketer can turn an “Oops” into an Opportunity. Making a mistake and never rectifying it is where the problem lies. Please be advised that I am not advocating deception. But if you have only a short time period to make an impact or to market a time sensitive promotion, this “Oops” technique has solid merit.

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  1. Kayode Olatuyi
    June 1st, 2010 19:16  / 

    Bob & Kristin,
    This is is absolutely true, at least it is for me on both sides – sender & reciever. Somehow my ‘Oops’ email is usually much more light hearted and nicely worded. I have been complemented on a few occassions for oops content. On the other hand, I have always been eager to see what the mistake was even when I had not read the original mail.
    But it has never crossed my mind to insert further selling points in my ‘oops’. Come to think about it, why not?

    Oops! I forgot to sign off…

  2. WebSuccessTeam
    June 4th, 2010 14:47  / 

    It’s an opportunity to poke fun at oneself isn’t it? “Errare Humanum Est” to Err is human.

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