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Social Media – A Day of Opportunity

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team

Social Media has definitely arrived when it has its own day. Thanks to Mashable, June 30 will now be engraved in Internet history. I remember when Earth Day got started. I was a student at Berkeley and saving the planet and protesting the Vietnam War was all the rage. Flash forward 40 years later. Yes we have another “gulp” war and the Earth still isn’t doing very well. The BP oil spill is in its 70+ day and counting. The old saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same” seems to hold true.

Social Media Day – A Worldwide Event:

But today may be different. June 30 is Social Media Day. It is a celebration of the digital revolution that’s taking place worldwide, from the tiniest hamlet to the greater metropolitan areas. It is a day to pay tribute to Social Media that is connecting people at the speed of the Internet, sharing information, being passionate about the things that you care about, and influencing the establishment and advertisers. We have found our voice and it is called Social Media.

More than 600+ meetups in 93 countries are attending the celebration with thousands of attendees. But this is only the start of a growing phenomenon. Social Media has the power to influence, connect and communicate on a moment’s notice. Social Media Day is the launching pad for the next stage of this rocket ship where people will connect or tweetup with their social community and actively participate face-to-face in monthly meetups sponsored by Mashable.

Could this be an opportunity to help people in need:

I’ll take this a bit further. Social Media Day could be the engine behind fundraising, volunteering and community involvement. People are ready for a change of direction and want to take more control of their lives and help people in need. Social Media is not a cure all for the ills of our society, but it is a refreshing outlet to express ourself and make our opinion count. We want to rely on each other, search out other’s experiences and advice, and have the ability to make informed decisions.

We have a voice. Let’s use it.

How did you spend Social Media Day? Your thoughts…

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  1. Oliver Ding
    July 1st, 2010 16:26  / 

    Mashable did better a job than TechCrunch on Meetup Everywhere. You can turn your followers into a real movement, but an industry name is better idea than your birthday.

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