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Smartest & Most Humorous Super Bowl Ads of 2012



By Janette Speyer, Alison Brown, Web Success Team

Some people watch the Super Bowl each year for the football, while others watch solely for the commercials. This year’s Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots was exceptionally exciting, giving us both a close game and some of the best commercials yet. With the help of social media and online marketing, the quality of Super Bowl commercials has been steadily improving over the years by incorporating a lot more creativity, innovation and engagement. While some commercials were more memorable than others, this recap touches on some of the most mesmerizing, humorous and provocative advertisements yet.

Most Popular

The most popular commercial, which currently has over 2.3 million views on YouTube, was the stripping M&M’s commercial. Even though it’s shorter than some of the other frontrunners, the sassy commercial portrays a brown colored M&M talking with her human friends when other male guests at the party start laughing because they think she’s is naked because of her “milk chocolate” coloring.  Just when this is happening, another M&M pops in and says, “so it’s that kind of party,” and it proceeds to dance around while stripping off its shell and exposing the underlying milk chocolate. The catchy “Sexy and I Know It” song along with the provocative play on “stripping down” to the simplicity of milk chocolate, made for a cute and enjoyable commercial that got stuck in a lot of heads long after it had ended.

Most Memorable

For me, the most memorable commercial was Honda CR-V’s Day Off with Ferris Bueller. This could be a generational thing, but because it’s such a classic movie and Matthew Broderick was actually re-enacting the modern version of his hooky days, it brought back a lot of good memories while also throwing in some clever innuendos such as “life is packed with things you have to do, but sometimes you have to live a little.” At whopping 2 minutes and 25 seconds, Honda definitely paid a really pretty penny for this ad, so why not go all out? It was like watching a mini-movie with adventurous and humorous undertones that not only did a good job at selling the lifestyle of a CR-V owner, but showing people that sometimes you have to loosen up and enjoy life once in awhile. In today’s American culture, this can sometimes be hard to remember.

Doritos: The New Elite Frontrunner?

While Pepsi and Budweiser are usually the champions when it comes to memorable Super Bowl commercials, this year Doritos made a run for it with the slingshot baby and the bribing dog. The first one depicted a grandmother and her two grandchildren, one of which was a baby and the other a seven or eight year old, who was taunting the grandmother (who was in a wheelchair) by saying she couldn’t have any chips. The grandmother then decides she’s had enough and uses the baby as a slingshot to steal the chips right out of child’s hands, who is then stunned by this chain of events.

The other dog commercial is also just a humorous, but instead tells the story of a dog, who has apparently killed and buried a neighborhood cat. The man in the commercial catches the dog in the act and gets “bribed” by the dog with a bag of Doritos with a post-it-note saying “you didn’t see nuthin”. The commercial is unique, witty and humorous while also incorporating a cute dog that can also write notes and bribe people (and who doesn’t love animals?) so it’s no wonder that it came in on top.

What Was Your Favorite?

This year there were a lot of good commercials, and with the integration of social media, which allowed people to vote for their favorite one to air, it’s no doubt that commercials are only going to get better with time. Not only will they become more targeted, but they will also become a lot more interactive. It’s always fun when you feel like you’re more connected with something so large scale, even if it is just a commercial during the Super Bowl…

Do you have a favorite commercial that wasn’t listed on here? We’d love to get the discussion going, so post below!


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