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Google Disavow & Other Inside Information at Pubcon



By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill


The exhibition hall opens today at Pubcon and Web Success Team will be in attendance for their fifth year at this leading expo in search and social media. In attendance will be many of the leaders in digital marketing who will be sharing their latest insights (and some announcements) and you can bet there will be a lot of networking.

Marketing leaders speaking at PubCon:

Who we’ve seen:

Matt Cutts spoke yesterday; he is Google’s head quality control engineer and webspam team leader. PubCon’s first big announcement was made when Matt told us all about the brand new disavow links tool. We were warned to use and share carefully and this video was posted by Matt to educate us further on the tool before using it.

It’s always educational when Tim Ash goes on stage. As the CEO of a landing page optimization firm, he had a lot to share yesterday about social conversions. He was there again today signing his book in the exhibition hall. If you need more education in the arena, he has a free landing page optimization webinar going on tomorrow.

Who to look forward to:

Dan Sullivan, Editor in Chief at Search Engine Land, will be there educating in search. His experience in search spans over a decade and he always has cutting edge thoughts to share.

Dan Zarrella from Hubspot, who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest webinar ever is also speaking. With his scientific approach to marketing, he has much to offer including useful information on his studies on social media behavior.

Social Navigation:

Everyone there will be socializing for networking purposes, but we are going to discuss social media. Twitter is already exploding with comments, ideas and events for #pubcon. A list was even created so all of us can follow the Pubcon speakers in one place (follow it here).

Exhibition day!

We are in the exhibition halls in Las Vegas finding out about all the latest in digital marketing. Come say hi if you see us around! And of course, if you find yourself confused on where to go, visit the PubCon website. More to come on PubCon on Twitter and in a follow-up blog. Be sure to follow us as we will be tweeting all the highlights from the event via @websuccess.
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