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Mobile Shopping This Cyber Monday and Black Friday




By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill ~ Web Success Team

We noticed a large percentage of our client’s traffic comes from those using mobile devices. This observation made us wonder; for this year’s biggest shopping days, who is doing their shopping via mobile, and what kinds of mobile shopping trends are we going to see?

Mobile Shopping

The mobile shopper

Mobile shopping has nearly doubled every year since 2010. From a demographic perspective, among mobile consumers, the majority are men, but women more than men use their smartphones to save money with mobile coupons. It isn’t just based on gender of course, there are are regional differences as well, an interesting article comparing mobile shopping on the East and West Coasts finds East Coasters are 26% more likely to click on nightlife deals than West Coast shoppers. Mobile marketing makes way for a lot of targeting, be it by their location, which sites your consumers visit, the time of day, income, etc.

Where are they shopping?

We have seen a $24 million increase over last year’s online sales and the prediction for next year is an increase of $26 million. Taking a huge piece of this pie are the most popular online shopping websites, number one being Amazon might be king on the internet, but for mobile shopping, it trails slightly behind EBay according to this Nielsen report. This difference could be because consumers perhaps feel more secure using PayPal on EBay from their phones vs. Amazon because PayPal doesn’t expose payment information to the merchant. It could also be because of the gamification aspect (auctions) of EBay that keeps people engaged more regularly.

What can we expect?

After perusing various websites, it seems retailers offering Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals will be offering a majority of their deals on electronics like tablets, portable laptops, gaming consoles and more. From a strategy perspective, we think in the future we will see marketers take a hint from for holiday shopping as Amazon built an impressive lightening deals page for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These pages will not only help people who want to look at deals ahead of time, but it also has deals daily leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday which helps keep their consumers engaged.

And now we wait

It would be nice to see more shopping done online and less people being trampled over in the stores. Cyber Monday already offers this and now Black Friday is getting in on the online action. All signs point to more mobile shopping and it seems that many marketers were prepared for these colossal shopping events and have their online mobile deals ready.
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