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Google Glass Gives a Whole New Meaning to “Hands Free”

By Katrina McNeill and Janette Speyer, Web Success Team

Google is getting closer to releasing its most exciting new product, Google Glass. These electronic, lightweight glasses rest on your face and respond to your voice commands. The glasses which are set to be released by the end of this year, will allow the user to interact without any touch, and they may go on to replace smart phones in the future. With many exciting features, everyone is eager for its release, but as with any groundbreaking technology, the glasses come with a few downsides to consider.

Top Features:

Take pictures & record videos

Obviously, taking pictures from a mobile device is nothing new, but gone are the days where you will need your hand to take a picture! Google glass simply requires you to snap an image with your voice. You simply say, “Okay Glass, take a picture.” If you want to learn more about the voice commands, go to the wikipedia page for the list.

Do a Google search on the go

Search Google anywhere with a simple v

oice command and view results right before your eyes! It’s displayed for you on the small screens on the glasses and even includes the images that go with your search.

Navigate hands free with the built in GPS

It’s a pretty fun idea, walking around (not driving!) with a map you don’t even have to hold. Google Glass comes with GPS, so it can easily show your exact position on map and tell you how to follow the path.

Read and send text messages and emails

An obvious feature, but think how different the world will be when you can never miss a message again because it’s on your face! Of course, Google Glass will allow you to reply to messages via voice commands.


Who needs a translator anymore these days? Rather than pulling out your phone, Google Glass is always there for you ready for you to request a translation from one language to another; it will then speak it out for you. Very handy for world travelers!

Now for the negatives…

The internet is already buzzing with concerns about the exposure to both liability and corporate security that Glass may cause. There is concern that companies will quickly move to ban Google Glass use within work areas. The major worry is that workers will feel uncomfortable that coworkers might be recording them at work. People like their privacy, and it’s possible that the public will have a bad reaction when they realize that Google Glass wearers can snap photos or worse, video of kids, other adults without anyone realizing.

Be ready for an expensive Christmas!

Come the end of the year, many will be shelling out an estimated $1,500 to be one of the first to use Google Glass. It’s an exciting new invention and we can’t wait to see how many will adopt it despite its hefty cost! We’d love to hear what excites you most about Google’s latest invention, or what worries you. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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  1. Caroline
    April 2nd, 2013 21:08  / 

    I think your point about it being able to snap images and video without others realising is going to be enough to stop it being released.
    The seriousness associated with this sort of behaviour (peeping toms, child porn and other filthy issues) means that Google are either going to have to can that particular feature or set some serious rules in place to govern its use.

    Great article though – and really interesting concept.
    At this point I would like to quote Albert Einstein though, because I worry enormously:

    “I fear the day that technology over takes human interaction. When that day comes we will have a generation of idiots”

    It’s aleady started, Google Glass will just cement it.
    Actually, Google Glass is more a pane than I first realised (hahahahaha sorry about that)

  2. WebSuccessTeam
    April 3rd, 2013 13:13  / 

    Hi Caroline.
    Your first point is very scary but we already have this problem with mobile devices. I hope that Google has the presence of mind to regulate this issue. I love that quote :). Thanks for your input

  3. mike
    April 5th, 2013 8:55  / 

    I am excited by it! In the early days, many believed photos took away you inner spirit. There will be modifications and structured use but vision is the port into our brain. I am also excited about the new sensory device Google is working on! Smell is the port to our emotions!

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