Fill in the Blanks: Advertising & PR today – What would you do if____?

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Fill in the Blanks: Advertising & PR today – What would you do if____?

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team —

Corporations today are faced with many decisions in this changing world of advertising and public relations. They have to make daily choices between traveling unchartered land and keeping to the traditional comfort zone.

Everything seemed so much simpler in the 80s. Marketers did not rely on the Internet to deliver thousands of messages. Advertisements and communiqués were controlled and protected.

I remember the days when I worked at the ad agency Young & Rubicam on the Procter & Gamble account. We were sworn to secrecy for all advertisements until they were published. All advertising messages were screened by the client and tightly controlled what the audience was going to see and listen to.

I am grateful for the new era and the digital media revolution. Web Success Team has embraced it with open arms. It has given marketers unlimited opportunities to get client messages out and freedom to do so. Social media and online marketing are gaining wide acceptance in the marketplace. But many areas in digital marketing still remain widely untapped. Viral marketing is still in its infancy with much more testing and research to be done before it becomes fully installed as a major influencing force.

I thought I would write this post about filling in the blanks because I want you to think about how you would use your resources with all the information available to you through the Internet. No one has a crystal ball to predict what is here to stay and what is or will be most effective.

With your advertising and marketing budget today what would you do if?

  • If you have a $4M marketing budget… I would __________ (fill in the blanks)
  • If you had the  advertising budget and had to choose between TV or Social media for a product launch I would __________
  • If you could choose between cold calling or twitter to reach out to the media you would __________
  • Do you think Facebook promoted posts are a good investment?__________

A good marketer asks questions and searches for the answers. It is what we marketers go through every time we have a product or service to promote. We have to think about what makes sense with a given budget and how we can be successful with our choices. This has not changed through the ages. We still have to make those decisions. However, we now have extraordinary analytic tools to test and track.

If you have answers to these questions, find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We look forward to hearing from you.


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