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Creating Original Content for a Branded Flipboard Magazine

How do you replace a corporate brochure, a catalog or a newspaper with a digital magazine? Sure, there are plenty of alternatives, but nothing compares to Flipboard.

As more people consume information on handheld devices. Many brands want to take advantage of this phenomenon and are looking for ways to promote their business.  Flipboard’s digital magazine creating application offers a great alternative to that company brochure. You also have the added advantage of boosting your rankings in search.

Before the Internet era exploded, I would design a printed brochure or a catalog to feature a brand’s product. Printing prices were exorbitant and once the project was completed, you could not make changes.

I found a quick solution to this dilemma; A digital magazine

Last month, Flipboard unveiled its new web platform. The web version looks beautiful and professional. It’s easy to curate and share content with followers and users.

In this article, I will show you how to prepare original content to “flip” into a branded magazine.

But first …

To help you get started creating your magazines, here is a handy guide by the FlipboardClub.

Now Let’s Get Started…

Organizing Your Content for Curating A Branded Flipboard Magazine

To curate a company magazine, you have to line all your ducks in a row. There should be a structure and a purpose. What are we going to feature? What will be on the cover? What title will capture our goals? Once this is decided, now we are ready to build our Flipboard magazine. I usually use Basecamp or Asana for project management to coordinate all articles, social media channels and e-store catalog items. I put everything in an excel spreadsheet and share the content with my client for approval before flipping. I first test all links in a “private” magazine before I flip it into the final one. I don’t make this public until all items are approved and signed off on. 

Curating for A Company Brochure

We needed a company brochure to share during a trade show twitter chat. We created a potpourri of recipes, branded posts and retail items to launch the brand’s line of Gluten free pasta. All content was posted on the social media accounts to curate for this magazine. We examined our marketing strategy and we felt that the target market responded best to recipes. We teamed up with a well-known blogger to create the recipe blog to flip into the magazine. To encourage sales, we flipped some of their retail partners like Amazon and Vitacost. Here is the example from Pastariso Gluten Free Pasta.

For A Company Catalog

This feature is ideal for sending your customers shopping. It acts like a catalog brochure. You can make it easy for consumers to buy your products with one click into the store. In this example, I am linking to the client’s Amazon store. Often times we get inquiries from social media followers asking us where to purchase. When this happens, we usually share the Flipboard catalog.

Pastariso cups

For Your Company Media

Many brands have a press or media that they want to share with their customers. You can easily flip from your YouTube commercials or published news platforms like we did in this example here in our company portfolio magazine, we flipped news releases and social media from some of our clients.

For Your LookBooks

If your company has a visual line of products, then you can easily create look books for your products, using your image accounts like Flickr or Instagam. Your sales force can wow their customers with beautiful magazines that can be viewed at their convenience on their desktop or their iPad.

For Nonprofits

By sharing your pictures from your social media channels, your blogs and news updates you can create a presentation magazine for a nonprofit and send it to your donors in a quick email. Don’t forget to flip your donations page into the magazine. See example for Save Poor Children in Asia.

For Trade Show Presentations

We were going to a natural food trade show for the last two years and I have been taking pictures and created this fun Expo West magazine. You can also take pictures of your products and your booth and flip them into a branded magazine.

Creating original branded with Flipboard is just the beginning. I am only scratching the surface. I could only cover so much in this article. There is so much more this dynamic application can do. Also, another perk: Whenever you create a magazine it ranks in search so it also has SEO benefits.

Join the Fun….

If you want to learn more about how to use Flipboard, follow @FlipboardClub and #FlipboardChat on Wednesdays at 10pm EST, 7pm PST on Twitter. You can also join the FliboardChat Group on Facebook. Once you have your corporate magazine ready, we would love to see it. Do share it on twitter, every Friday with hashtag #FlipboardFriday.

Take a look at our Web Success Team business magazine for inspiration



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