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Flipboard: A New Way to Flip that Marketing Switch for Visual Impact

This article was written in 2013 after I created my first Flipboard magazine. Here is an updated version of this article to include some of the new features.

By Bob and Janette Speyer –

Marketing Fact: We are sensory creatures who respond to visual stimulation. Words can fill in the gaps, but “Diamonds Are Forever!”
Flipboard is the latest innovative marketing tool. It does just what the name implies. It is engaging and you can’t stop yourself from “thumbing” through its pages.

What is it and how can it promote your brand?

Flipboard is a social network aggregation application made for mobile and desktop. The app allows you to collect content from a topic of your choice into a “Smart Magazine”. This format makes it easy for users to read and create custom magazines.

In essence, it is your personal magazine populated by the content you care about. It aggregates content you wish to present and even allows you to browse sections from thought-provoking blogs, enchanting photography, breaking news or other relevant topics.

How Can It Promote Your Brand?

You can build your company’s Flipboard account by populating it with your branded information. For example, if you are a coffee brand, use feeds and articles relevant to your industry. Add articles, updates, photos and videos all in a beautiful magazine-style format. Curate content from your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Flipboard brings this all together in a beautiful customized visual presentation.
It’s easy to create, edit and share your branded magazine from the web. The “Flip It” (see image below) feature allows you to add content from the web to your magazines. Flipboard’s editor feature helps manage your magazines allowing you to arrange articles, add covers and share your magazines with your networks.
flipboard bookmarklet

Flipping Out!

I have been on Flipboard now for 4 years and I am enjoying every minute! I see tremendous potential with this tool for many business applications. Flipboard makes an instant impact when you look at the interface. Particularly if you are showcasing your products and services. It is an excellent branding tool. You co-curate magazine with a team of co-workers with the app’s contributor feature.

Who can benefit?

  • Bloggers: It drives traffic to your website and it also makes your blog more readable
  • Brands: Showcase your products in beautiful sales presentations and branded magazines
  • Nonprofits: Build awareness and fundraise for the nonprofit that is close to your heart!
  • For fun: Plan weddings, travel, house decoration or even collect recipes. Let your imagination go wild!

Take advantage of this technology and be the first to use it for your brand (before the next best, greatest tool).

Last but not least, here are some Flipboard examples for inspiration:

To continue the discussion follow me on Flipboard.

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  1. Aida B
    August 21st, 2013 1:54  / 

    Bob & Janette, what a great article. I love Flipboard. It’s so exciting to see that you do too. You have beautiful magazines. Thank you for inviting your readers to the Facebook group.

  2. WebSuccessTeam
    August 21st, 2013 14:58  / 

    Thanks, Aida. We are really enjoying the Flipboard Facebook Group. You are doing a fine job running it 🙂

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