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Online Marketing and Integrated Marketing are part of the Web Success Team’s strategic marketing mix to generate more brand awareness, penetrate new and existing markets and increase sales for our clients. It is important that you see the proven RESULTS we obtain for our clients. Therefore we have prepared several recent case studies for your review: Our client experience extends to multiple industries, including: natural foods, health and nutrition, non-profit, entertainment, healthcare, fitness, finance and fashion.

Continental Vitamin Company / Superior Source Vitamins Case History

Project: The Web Success Team has been working with CVC since 2011, to promote their flagship product line of Superior Source Vitamins in the Online Marketing sphere and through redesigning their corporate website.


Objective: To build brand awareness for Superior Source, educate consumers about their proprietary brand of 150 MicroLingual Vitamins and help drive sales. Drive promotions and sales to their online retailers and brick and mortar retailers.


Strategy: Using Social Media platforms, we have created a content strategy of consumer engagement and promotional incentive campaigns to get product in the hands of consumers at a nominal cost. We also created a strong retail/retail outreach program to encourage shoppers to purchase the product. A combination of sponsored posts, brand ambassadors and WOM marketing was used to achieve these goals.


Results: Sales of Superior Source Vitamins have doubled in the past 4 years and they have contracted with major retailers and etailers. The brand is a household commodity through increased brand awareness and product incentives and is in all major markets throughout the United States and abroad. The brand now enjoys a slate of loyal evangelists and their social media fans and followers are extremely active and loyal.

Educational Toys: The Beatrix Girls

Project: The Web Success Team has been working PopStar Club to launch a new line of dolls to rival Barbie and Bratz. The Beatrix Girls is an innovative new line of collectible pop-star dolls driven by original music with wholesome values geared to empower your girls ages 4-9.


Objective: To build brand awareness for The Beatrix Girls, educate consumers about their availability and drive sales to their online etailers and brick and mortar retailers.


Strategy: Using Social Media platforms and brand ambassadors we have created a content strategy to engage the consumers to follow The Beatrix Girls. We reached their target demos with Mom Bloggers and Brand Ambassadors to build consumer awareness and confidence in the brand. We also created retail/ etail tie-in social media campaigns to drive shoppers to the stores.


Results: Due to pre-launch and on-going efforts, The Beatrix Girls have debuted in Toys R Us and Justice nationwide along with online retail stores like,, and many more. We have also helped create evangelists for the brand and their social media fans and followers are extremely active and loyal.

Maple Grove Foods

Project: The Web Success Team was contracted to promote Maple Grove Foods brand through PR and Social Media Marketing.


Objective: To build brand awareness for  and to promote their Gluten Free Pasta product line


Strategy: Using a combination of retail engagement, PR and promoted social media the Web Success Team created a marketing strategy to drive fans and to create awareness for the brand.


The results: The brand is gaining interest, especially from the Gluten Free marketplace

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