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Tips for Using Flipboard with LinkedIn

Are you a LinkedIn user for business? Have you tried using Flipboard to promote your business or publication on LinkedIn?

In this article, I will show you how Flipboard and LinkedIn can be effective tools for connecting businesses with customers. Companies looking for innovative ways to promote their brands can benefit from this dynamic and productive marketing combination.

Here are a few tips to get your work noticed by your business prospects and potential clients:

First Things First:

Flipboard is a mobile app that allows you to curate content into beautiful magazines. You can also choose to read articles around your selected topics. It is not only informative and newsworthy, but it engages and interacts with the viewer.

I have been using the platform since 2013 as a publisher and a curator for myself and my clients. The more I build Flipboard magazines the more I discover the beneficial uses this app has to offer.

You can curate a Flipboard magazine to feature your brand or publication. Start by adding articles from your company’s publications, corporate blogs, or social media channels. I add my articles from LinkedIn to my company magazine.


Create a Flipboard magazine

Promoting Your Company on LinkedIn:

Use LinkedIn’s powerful B2B platform to showcase your company in a Flipboard with the following:

On Your Profile:

On your LinkedIn Updates: Share a Flipboard publication. Your connections can read and learn about your company.


Flipboard LinkedIn Post

Add a link and description to your “About” section by uploading a link or an image. Take advantage of this feature and showcase your Flipboard RSS publication.

Add your Flipboard link


Flipboard is a magazine curating application. If the content is original and branded then add your magazines to the “Publications” section. Write a brief description and add the link.  I’ve added a magazine that has a collection of media articles for one of our clients. Our agency creates Flipboard accounts for all of our clients. It’s a nice way to keep all of our PR efforts in one place.



Add to your Projects: If you worked on a project that includes a Flipboard magazine, add the link and any contributors on the project. Encourage your co-workers to do the same. Be sure to add keywords and a good description to make your project searchable.


Add your Flipboard project to LinkedIn


On Your LinkedIn Business Page:

A company page is a great place to share your branded Flipboard magazine. You already have an audience that’s chosen to follow your and is interested in your content. Add a little something extra by maximizing your post and promote it.


Flipboard on LinkedIn Business Page

On Your Groups:

Take advantage of the networking groups on LinkedIn. Share your magazines in the group updates. Be cautious and sensitive to the group’s rules about self-promotion.

Flipboard on LinkedIn Groups

Flipboard is ideal for business, education, and bloggers. Besides being beautiful and visual it is portable and shared. Impress your clients and future prospects with your branded magazines and publications.

If you want more information on how to get started, here is a handy guide.

Take a look at our Hot Ice Media business magazine for inspiration.

If you want to learn more about how to use Flipboard, join our Facebook user community.

Questions? feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @JanetteSpeyer

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