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Flipboard Advertising – The BEST Kept Secret!

It’s hard to get your message across with traditional social platforms because they are saturated with ads and noise. With all that’s going on, you can’t expect your viewers to spend any time at all on your ads.

I run a social marketing and PR agency and my clients turn to me for out-of-the-box solutions to get the most out of their ad budgets. A year ago, I made the decision to move them to Flipboard ads to break through the social clutter.

But before I give you my reasons for using Flipboard ads, here’s some useful information about the app:

Flipboard is such a versatile app that it’s hard to sum up its power in a few words. It’s often described as the Internet’s swiss army knife. I’ll simplify things by saying that it aggregates content from the web and delivers them to your desktop or mobile device. You can collect articles into attractive Magazines tailored to your interests, such as fashion, beauty, politics, health, etc.

Flipboard is centered around topics. Readers can choose their subjects and customize their reading. In this case, you would populate “Topics” relating to your products and services.

Why Advertise on Flipboard?

Flipboard is a great information discovery channel for readers and curators looking to learn and share information about specific subjects.

Most shoppers like to get educated about a product or service before they make a purchase. This makes Flipboard a natural place to advertise to a new consumer base. Flipboard users stay on the platform 3-10 times longer than other platforms. The app sends interested and educated traffic to your website ready and willing to purchase.

Reading is a big part of the Flipboard community. You have an opportunity to tell your story in many unique ways and soft sell.

Learn how to build a flipboard magazine

Think of Your Brand as a Publication

Since Flipboard’s audience uses the app to read and learn, your content takes on a whole new life. Your brand becomes a bigger part of an enjoyable experience.

Think of your blog being a publication and build editorial content with articles your target audience finds interesting and informative

Here are some content suggestions

  1. Influencer content
  2. Videos about your company
  3. Podcasts and interviews
  4. Guest articles
  5. Images
  6. PR media
  7. Updates and news about your brand
  8. Charities and community events
  9. Good reviews about your products on other publications

Example: A company that offers beauty products can build a publication around beauty tips, how-tos, fashion, eco-products and cruelty-free.

No Publication, No Problem!

If you don’t have a blog, you can still be ahead of the game with Flipboard ads. The ad layout is visually beautiful and impacting, making your product stand out. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Your content can be seen by an audience based on your topics and interests
  2. You can drive traffic to your website
  3. You can expose your brand to a whole new audience
  4. Take advantage of Flipboard’s large email audience.

Flipboard Advertising Products

Promoted Content. These ads are brand-centric and designed for branding purposes. Here are some of the pros:

  1. Your ad is the only item on the mobile device.
  2. You can add a button at the bottom to drive traffic to a store
  3. Ideal for promotional events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Flipboard ad samples
Flipboard ad samples: 1. Collections, 2. Promoted, 3. Articles

Article Ads:
The best strategy for this ad format is to take 5-6 articles from your blog and run them on Flipboard.

  1. Paid article ads help educate your audience about your products
  2. Drive an interested audience to your website
  3. Build awareness for your products
  4. Your ad is the only item on the mobile device.
  5. Showcase your good uses and reviews

Collections: This option uses a “collection” of 3 articles grouped together. You can add videos, articles, and PR reviews. Engagement is higher but it is also far more expensive.

  1. With this format, you can use mixed media. I have used videos from YouTube, articles from our publications, and influencer content.
  2. I have found that this format gets excellent engagement
  3. Build awareness of your products

Newsletter ads: The newsletter ads offer many formats and run through Flipboard’s publisher emails. They have different newsletters for different topics. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Flipboard offers many newsletters with interests like Photography, Travel, Personal Finance, and more
  2. Benefit from Flipboard’s audience
  3. Generate leads and interest.

Final Thoughts…

Flipboard readers want to be informed and take time to understand the uses and benefits of a product before they purchase. The best approach is to create a supportive and helpful (safe) environment where they can feel comfortable addressing their needs.

My clients have been very happy with Flipboard advertising method because it delivers! It’s worth a try.

Any questions tweet me at @janettespeyer or please feel free to reach out! I am here for you. Here’s my profile: https://flipboard.com/@JanetteSpeyer

To get started with the Flipboard app follow these quick tutorials

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