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Circling the Wagons: Tie in Social Media with Online Marketing!

By Janette Speyer – 

Everything is going social! Social engagement has become the pinnacle of online marketing. You have heard it all! But, are you prepared for the onslaught of viral messaging?

Many websites have the concepts, have the notion but the wagons aren’t circled.

In this article I am going to tell you how to optimize your online properties to get the most out of your social media efforts.


1. Your Email

  • Socialize those emails and give them an opportunity to travel and crawl.
  • Add your social profiles so that they can easily like your pages and follow you.
  • Also don’t forget to encourage your readers to “share” the email be it via social means or resending via their email.

2. Your website

  • Optimize that website with keywords that will then be reused and recycled on your social posts.
  • Put your social feeds on your homepage.
  • Ask your visitors to follow you for more updates.

3. Your Blog

  • Add your most followed feed on the sidebar of your blog.
  • Ask your readers to continue the discussion via your social profiles.

4. Your Social Profiles

  • Keep the conversation going by sharing your recent blog posts and promoting a discussion with a question.
  • Check your most searched for terms and use them in posts.
  • Join or create advocacy communities and share information that relates to your products and services.
  • Link all your social profiles together. Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others give you the opportunity to share your platforms.

5. Check Back Periodically and Keep Your Profiles Up-to-Date

  • Some of your social platforms may no longer be relevant to your audience, so eliminate them and replace them with relevant ones.
  • Always be on the lookout for new engagement opportunities that can enhance your brand

Following these 5 guidelines will keep you and your content relevant. It’s easy to favor one platform or activity, but you will increase your engagement and ROI by connecting all the social dots!

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