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Making a Difference in Cambodia One Child at a Time


By Bob and Janette Speyer

Save Poor Children in Asia Organization (S.C.A.O.) is a learning center for orphaned, homeless and poor children in Cambodia. This year the Web Success Team traveled to Phnom Penh as tourists and left as volunteers committed to improving the lives and futures of the children of Cambodia.

Cambodia is a great nation that is still recovering from the atrocities of genocide, war, mass starvation and the Khamer Rouge regime that devastated the country from 1975-1979. Approximately 33 percent of the population is under the age of 15, most of which are impoverished and orphaned. Children roam the streets selling small items in hopes of making enough money to eat and to help support their families

S.C.A.O. is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Cambodia that provides homecare, nutritious meals, healthcare, education and clothing to orphans and children living in conditions of poverty and social isolation. In a loving, caring environment, 17 children and Mr. Samith, the director of S.C.A.O., and his wife also live at the Center.

Mr. Samith, himself a victim of Cambodia’s tragic history, has created a haven to help rebuild Cambodia and its future by dedicating himself to the children in his area. We visited the center and saw first hand its volunteers from around the globe, teaching them English and helping provide them a way out of a life of poverty. With all the criticism of our self-centered youth, these young people are an inspiration in their social consciousness to make a difference.

SCAO childUpon our return from Cambodia, the Web Success Team created a website for the center with a means to raise awareness and make donations. All funds go to the care and feeding of the children for food, clothing, books and education. I personally sent money online via and it takes only a few minutes. Simply go to the donations page for more information:
And if you would like to visit Cambodia for tourism, you are always welcome to visit the center. It’s a short tuk-tuk (motorcycle taxi) ride from the center of Phnom Phen, the capital city. We encourage you to go to the website for more information at

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