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Boost Customer Retention through Social Media


By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team

Taking care of your customers should be your number one priority. All too often, they can feel neglected, forgotten or taken for granted. Customer retention is the lifeblood of any business and Social Media can help you maintain good customer relations and even save an account from fraying.


Customer Retention


Communication is key when dealing with your customers. Often times your customers are too busy, but that is when Social Media can save the day. A tweet about their products and services or a Facebook post making a helpful suggestion can keep your name in front of the customer and show them that you are thinking of them and their business. Social Media’s strength is in relationship building and taking the soft sell, top of mind approach.

The Seven-Year Exit
I had the experience recently of a vendor that I gave business to for seven years. He performed a valuable service but occasionally fell short. Periodically I would voice my dissatisfaction over his lack of follow up or communication. My loyalty and patience finally ran out and I terminated the business relationship. He was replaced by a vendor that was not only superior, but also dependable, appreciative, and responsive to my requests. It was a refreshing change, once the decision was made. The previous vendor was upset at being fired, but really took my account for granted, until it was too late to save it. He was only interested in retaining my account once it was lost.

Solicit Customer Feedback
Social Media is also an excellent vehicle to obtain feedback about how your clients perceive your company, its products and services. Keeping on top of your clients’ negative feedback can save an account. Being attentive to their concerns makes you a valuable vendor. In turn they will appreciate your efforts and form the correct perception that you are actively engaged with their business. Reaching out to your customers and welcoming how you can give them even better service will go a long way in client satisfaction.

Give to Get!
Another use of Social Media in customer retention is to promote your client’s business by blogging about their company news and evangelizing their brand. Reach out to your network of contacts by posting on your Facebook page a tribute to their great service or products; and tweet about their special promotion or offer that may interest your social network. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to promote them and in turn will fulfill the Social Media Marketing mantra, “Give to get.”

Share Your Success Stories
Please share how you have helped retain customer loyalty through Social Media. You contributions and opinions are valued.


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One comment

  1. Debbie Russell
    March 31st, 2011 14:26  / 

    A lot of businesses struggle with the ROI on using social media. You made one very important point that they overlook and that is promoting their client’s (or prospects) business via a blog article or simply retweeting their marketing message. For those not using social media, they do not understand how this can create a nice partnership in a subtle way. Those of us in social media know that a blog comment or RT does not go unnoticed!

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