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Adopting a Social Media Mindset for Web Success


By Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes – Web Success Team

The number of brands who are achieving web success with engaging social media pages is growing each day. Social media has become a valuable online marketing tool for small businesses. For example, travelling food trucks have used social media with great success to inform the public about their specials, discounts and location. Social media has also supported advertising campaigns for major brands and department stores.

There is nothing new about social media from a customer service standpoint. Except for the technology. If you find it difficult to use social media to talk to your customers because the technology is hard to use or understand, do not give up. We’ll show you how to adopt a social media mindset so the technology doesn’t inhibit your success.


Adopt Social Media Mindset


Social Media Is a Virtual Front Desk
The very core of social media lies in a brand’s ability to build relationships with current and potential customers. Whether you are a B2C or B2B, relationship building should be your primary objective. Avoid getting caught up in trying to drive sales or retain customers when you begin your social media efforts (you can focus on them later). Instead, think of a site like Facebook as a virtual front desk for your company.

Front desks in brick-and-mortar stores are a destination where customers can go for assistance. Receptionists working the front desk typically are not required to bring in sales for a company. Their purpose is to help customers by directing them to the appropriate departments and by creating a pleasurable experience. If you translate their duties into goals for your social media pages, you will be in great shape for achieving social media success.

Vulnerability Builds Trust
Humanizing your brand will encourage people to interact with it online. And what is more human than being vulnerable? Opening your brand to criticism gives you the opportunity to address it. Think of any negative comments you receive as tools to empower your company. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can share both positive and negative thoughts about your products or services.

Get into the mindset that being vulnerable shows that you care about your customer’s opinions. If you become overwhelmed with the work it takes to manage their comments, work with an online marketing firm to give you the peace of mind you seek. Online marketing firms are adept at showcasing a brand’s vulnerability and transforming it into something positive at the same time.

Contribution Leads to Loyalty
When your brand manages a social media page, it becomes responsible for adding value to a person’s online activity. The focus of your social media strategy, in addition to building relationships and being vulnerable, is to be a valuable source for content. Constantly think of new ways to entertain and educate your followers. Always think about how you can contribute in positive way. This will help establish brand loyalty over time.

Share Your Thoughts
What are some of the difficulties you have experienced when trying to adopt a social media mindset?


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