Dancing in Tom’s Footsteps: A Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

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Dancing in Tom’s Footsteps: A Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill, Web Success Team

Not long ago we wrote an article about branding and included Tom’s shoes as an example of a successfully implemented unique selling proposition. Their charity appeals to the philanthropist in many, and helps motivate a buyer to choose Tom’s over a similar shoe due in part to the successful branding. Let’s dig deeper into Tom’s charities and find out what it is that they do for the world and how they do it.

What does Tom’s do?

Not only does Tom’s manufacture stylish shoes, but they give a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you purchase. On top of that, they started an eyewear line in 2010 that gives $10 for each pair purchased to water projects in India. Check out these great projects at toms.com/our-movement or the eyewear project at charitywater.org/TOMS.

A shining example of cause marketing

If you are considering dancing in Tom’s footsteps (pun intended), you should humanize your brand by creating a cause around it that involves the community at large. This will generate engagement and it will help build massive brand awareness. Charitable donations are a great way of getting your product publicity and consumers who are also philanthropists will seek out your product.

Results of the efforts

Tom’s claims that not only are they providing shoes, but this shoe project has actually helped to promote education. How? The children who receive these shoes can often be barred from entering schools barefoot.

Shop with a purpose

If you are currently seeking to replenish your closet, why not try filling it with some dancing shoes? There are other brands like Tom’s that give back to those in need when you shop with them. Visit Shop with Meaning to find other great products that give back. Let us know if there are any stellar, philanthropic products not on the list that you would like to share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Let’s start dancing for causes.



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