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Focus on Brand Consistency to Improve Brand Recognition

Written By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill

If you want to improve your brand’s recognition through social media, you should focus on three key branding elements: Voice and Tone, Logo and Colors. Brand recognition happens when you take these elements into account and keep your branding fundamentals consistent among them.

1. Voice and Tone

The style in which your brand communicates with your customers can evoke an emotion; evoking emotions can create a stronger relationship. When you are marketing online, the best brand voices sound and feel like a person, not a corporation. The first step in being successful with this is to be sure that your tone is reflective of your audience and their culture.

2. Logo

Few elements of your brand are more critical to establishing yourself than your logo. Your logo should be the visual representation of your brand’s story. Like Coke, Apple, General Mills, Nike and all the other major brand icons, consumers recognize them as soon as they see the logo. But beyond a great logo that successfully expresses your brand’s message, you need consistency. This means similar font, colors and style everywhere you market yourself. Keep in mind that what looks good on your printed flyers, may need “tweaking” for the internet. It’s best to consult a designer before launching your logo online as there are many design variables to consider.

3. Colors

Target is the premier example of successfully adapting a color to their brand. If you check out all of their online profiles, it’s red, red everywhere (as well as that cute Target dog). We can’t all hope to be so successful that a primary color represents our brand, but there is a lot of psychology behind color and your chosen colors should speak to your audience. Colors evoke emotions and moods. If you are in the process of selecting your colors, here is a great guide to help you choose. And of course, we must mention again, these colors (or color) should be consistently utilized on all of your marketing platforms.

Keeping Cohesion

Without consistency, brand recognition becomes impossible to achieve. Every single branding element must work together to achieve your overall brand message. Without strengthening that recognition, you will not be able to use social media to do what it does so well – building brand loyalty. If your company is large enough that different people will have their hands in your communication platforms, then try putting together a style guide so that no one is ever lost for direction. For further inspiration, take a look at our social platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Google+) and our website to see how we utilize voice, colors and our logo.

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