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Is Your Blog Growing into a Viable Business? What to Do Next.

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team

There are many articles out there advising us on how to manage and run a small blog. However what happens once your blog reaches that next level and you now have a virtual publishing business? In my opinion a blog is no different than a magazine publication that relies on readership, followers and pass along value.

Here are a few steps that will get your started:

Your Blog Relies on Advertisers

Create a program for media buyers that will want to advertise on your blog. Make it easy for potential advertisers to sell to their marketing department. Create a downloadable document with the following:

  • A compelling reason as to why they should advertise or publish content on your blog: Perhaps you are a “niche” blog for pets or you have a family blog. This will help advertisers make a decision.
  • Statistics about your blog’s reach, followers and unique visitors: This is crucial information for future advertisers
  • Options for creating content: If you don’t have the personnel on board perhaps you would consider encouraging your customers to give you graphic banners and or editorial content.
  • Content specifications: If they are giving you display graphics, you may want to have a chart of specific sizes and placements that can accommodate your blog design. See how Google shows options for their display ads.
  • An option to become a brand ambassador to a potential client: We are finding that more and more bloggers are becoming spokespersons for brands. Outline a clear agreement between the customer and yourself.
  • A price sheet with fees for all of the above: This one can be difficult. I recommend that you evaluate time involvement to complete all of the tasks above. You may find that you need to hire additional help. All this needs to be factored into your pricing.

Helpful Tools to Manage Your Team

Like with anything else the more you grow the more you will rely on tools to facilitate your job. Here a couple of helpful ones:

  • Dropbox: You can share information via private secure “boxes” with your advertisers. It can reside on your desktop and it is easy to use and to upload content and information.
  • Trello is an intuitive, organizational tool that will help you organize all your tasks. It will track your emails and all your to-dos in an easy manner.

In the Final Analysis

As more and more bloggers appear on the scene and we move into an era of viral high demand information, we have to rethink blogging as a business. As publishers, we have to be ready to accommodate our readers, followers and advertiser’s needs and monetize. The days of a lone writer blogging his opinions are now being merged with an entrepreneurial businessman or businesswoman.

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