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What’s New at Facebook – More Influence, More Control!

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team –

In the last couple of days Facebook has unveiled a new platform that promises advertisers more influence. This will have a strong impact on your brand’s exposure and give you far more control over your goals and objectives.

Everybody knows at this point that Facebook’s Open Graph selective process has made it almost impossible to have your posts shown to your visitors. This has forced many a brand to turn to Facebook’s advertising model to get more “likes” and views to their branded pages – thus creating much frustration among small companies relying on the platform to sell their products and services.

Here are some of the added features for Facebook page owners that will help get better results from your promoted posts.

1. Pages to Watch feature

This is ideal to follow what your competition is doing by allowing you to track the progress on any Pages you want to watch. You will be able to monitor how many likes the pages have over yours.

2. A powerful new set of Facebook Insights

You can now seriously drill down to see how much engagement you are getting from all your posts, who has likes them or hidden them and where they came from. You can see illustrated charts that show you paid campaign activity and organic activity. Facebook also now allows you to see what the best times to post content are and when your readers are online.

3. An enhanced Advertising Manager for promoted posts

The ad manager page got revamped with lots of new goodies like, the ability to choose 6 different images to go into the post at no extra cost to the advertiser. You also promote your posts from within your branded page and select your target audience.

4. Add to Favorites

Facebook has added a feature that you will find to the right of your page that gives the visitor an option to add your page to your favorite pages. This allows your followers to get your page updates when they see their feed.

Take-A-Ways: Although many are resisting paid social, it is apparent that more and more brands are being forced to “Pay to Play.” The good news is that Facebook is STILL a very inexpensive way to promote your brand. It has very powerful razor targeting options, spot-on engagement insights and you can get massive exposure for a quarter of the price of a magazine ad.

Take advantage while Facebook still trying and testing.

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