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How I Overcame My Greatest Fear!

By Janette Speyer

We all have fears – some tangible while others are more mental. It has been said that a fear of public speaking ranks and a fear of heights rank highest. Overcoming one’s fears or making them more manageable is important as we move through life, school, work and relationships.

My personal Waterloo

Writing! I have no problem expressing myself in meetings, but confronting the written word was a pleasure I avoided. Whenever I reached for the keyboard to start crafting a letter, writing a blog or marketing plan, I found myself thinking more about style, structure and grammar rather than content, clarity and readability.

I don’t know if writing is a skill you are born with or is taught through public education. What I do know is that I am not alone in my struggle to write well. Writing poorly has reached epidemic proportions – both in school and in business. In fact writing can impact your future. Learning the hard way, I realize now how important a role writing plays in being a good communicator and a business professional.

Writing Right!

I have been on a long journey to become a better writer, arming myself with different tools and tips. I tried everything from a thesaurus, grammar checks and many applications to help me write a readable document.

My quest ended when I experienced StyleWriter – a downloadable writing and editing program. I relied on the spell checker, but Word will catch only a few typos. It will not correct stylistic or grammar errors or show you how to write in a clear, concise and readable manner. Now, after writing a document, I run it through StyleWriter. It highlights my errors and shows me where to simplify, cut and rewrite. It’s like having a professional editor and proofreader on my desktop! And best of all, it has taught me how to write better. Now I actually look forward to writing and watching my improvement. StyleWriter keeps me on track!

The StyleWriter software offers a Free Trial Offer. After sampling all three versions – Starter, Standard and Professional, I chose the Starter version. It’s fairly intuitive and there are a few easy videos to view to maximize familiarity and use.

Final Thought

Franklin D. Roosevelt once famously stated, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!” Easy for him to say; he was not only an epic statesman but an accomplished writer as well!


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