How to Turn Your Facebook Page into a Sales Hub

Facebook Pages have morphed from a purely social platform into a powerful sales and marketing hub for brands to promote their products to captive targeted consumers. Best yet, small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs can run an affordable storefront from their branded pages.

It’s no longer about posting content on your page and hoping you can get the engagement and traffic to your website to sell your products. Today, with a robust advertising program and low budgeting, Facebook offers many possibilities for businesses.

In this article, I’ll share how I created a sales hub for a Facebook Page.

Setting up the Sales Funnel:

First, I always take a hard look at the Facebook page. All branding, messaging and other information should be welcoming to a potential visitor. I also make sure that the keywords, website URL, Google map and business address are all up-to-date.

Then, I usually like to change timelines and synch them around campaigns. I will pick graphics and taglines that evoke community, and resonate with my followers. Depending the audience needs and behaviors I tie in a product with an event or a holiday.

In this sample, we featured Men’s National Health Month. For consistency, all our Facebook Campaigns and promotions will follow this concept of men’s health.

Facebook Timeline

The Store Front:

When running a social sales page there are many questions that have to we have to address, chief among them being: “How are we going to sell?

Another important question is: “Who’s in charge of fielding customer service questions?” In this regard, we usually recommend a client-agency answering system to respond within a 48 hour period. Facebook also has an easy “Reply” link to respond in person to all inquiries.

My favorite new “Sales” addition to Facebook in the last few months has been the “Call to Action” button on the timeline. You can choose an action for your page. This will help get traffic to your website. Working closely with a client’s sales force makes for a successful branded page.

Call to Action

Facebook Promoted Posts:

Many have complained about Facebook Promoted Posts. They are not going away! For a small business, this is nirvana! Accept it. Promoted posts are CHEAP! For now, that is, I encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

As you probably have realized, when you post organic posts, Facebook does not show them as often. To get more engagement to a page, we recommend a small budget to get a sense of what your audience is looking for. Once we refine our target market, we can tweak the campaign goals to suit the visitor’s needs. If a promotion involves an offer, we choose an engaging image and content that encourages viewers to claim the offer. We always add a conversion pixel to the website landing page to track conversions.

Setting The Stage for Success

Once we start a Facebook Page campaign, we set realistic expectations for our clients. This is not going to make us a million dollars in five days and one ad. This is a process. We need to find the right target market and test and track for a period of time. We allow three to six months to really get definite results that we can use.



  1. Rafay Zafar
    January 11th, 2016 4:25  / 

    Have you tried the local awareness ads from facebook. They look very promising specially for local stores and service businesses like restaurants.

  2. WebSuccessTeam
    January 15th, 2016 18:08  / 

    Yes, we have. They are very effective. 🙂


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