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Let’s Talk About Something Different – Flipboard ROI

Let’s face it – we all need to market our businesses and to stand out from the noise. Everywhere you turn there is saturation and overload. How on earth are you going to be seen? It’s time to explore Flipboard’s ROI.

Try something different, try Flipboard!

Flipboard is a digital magazine that emulates a traditional publication. The app curates from the web and organizes articles by topics. It offers a pleasant easy reading experience. With 145 million highly engaged readers, it’s the tool of the future.

In other words, for marketers and publishers, it’s a whole new marketplace with more ROI possibilities!

Little known secrets

Here are a few powerful reasons your publication or your business should be on Flipboard:

Who’s on there? Flipboard magazine readers are educated and typically spend many hours on the app. Viewers find it easy to choose what they want to read. They can curate their own magazine by selecting to follow topics they like. If you have a publication that interests them, voilà – they’ll be reading!

How can this help me?

Some of the many ways to use Flipboard for any aspect of your business:

  • Create a virtual e-commerce store that will send people to your digital shop. Offer readers inspiring images, suggestions and practical uses for your products and services. Once you “Flip” an item from your shopping cart into a magazine, Flipboard shows a “buy” button. Very convenient for on the spot inspiration purchases.

ShopPRI on Amazon.

  • Create a business magazine that showcases your services and purpose. Remember that traditional brochure? This is it, but on steroids. Add your videos, voice over and best of all share on all your social channels, personal correspondence and on your email blasts.

Hot Ice Media.

  • Increase readership: Flipboard is a powerhouse for publishers who want to gain more viewers. This means that if they have an option to follow a topic of their choice offered on your blog. No need to wade through everything to get to what they want. You can separate your blog into small mini-publications on Flipboard. Your readers will be grateful. Check out thefix.com, a publication creating magazines based on readership needs.

The Fix – Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Recovery News.

  • Influencers can build a whole business on Flipboard. Follow brands and create user experiences for readers. Here is an example that I created for #ExpoWest, an organic food trade show with 80,000 in attendance. I take pictures of my favorite brands at the show and add them to a Flipboard magazine. I share this all over my social media accounts. It started as a favor for my agency clients and it has been growing every year.

Exploring ExpoWest.

How do I get traffic to my website?

It is important to submit your RSS feed to Flipboard for review and approval. Once approved, you now can leverage the Flipboard audience.

By building out a profile using your blog, vlog or online publication you are pushing people to your website via Flipboard. You are gaining traffic as you methodically develop magazines to suit your audience’s needs.

Leverage your SEO knowledge and create magazines with your branded website keywords. Make sure you keep your content fresh and new by adding articles at least once a day. If you don’t have that much content on your blog, you can always add your social media posts or your YouTube videos.

Keep it all honest by tracking referral traffic in Google Analytics.

Create an environment that will promote a reaction.

Call to action and ROI is where it’s at, right? Take it a step further and use all this marketing experience to build a campaign to get leads. Choose select blogs and items to purchase and add them to a Flipboard magazine. Create a magazine with select blog articles to encourage readers to visit your website. Here’s a magazine made with Back to School ideas.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

Time to start Flipping!

However you choose to get an audience, Flipboard has an answer for you. All you need is imagination! If you haven’t heard of Flipboard yet, it’s time to give it a try. It is a powerful way to get seen in an environment that is engaged and just starting to gain traction.

To find out more about Flipboard for business feel free to join our Flipboard community

See you on Flipboard: Flipboard.com/@janettespeyer

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