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Tweeting it up #Pubcon

Pubcon got off to a good start today at the Las Vegas Convention Center. After a little confusion as to where the whereabouts of the conference we got settled into the first session of the day: In-House SEO, a rehash of the same topics covered last year moderated by Melanie Mitchell.

Next session covered Twitter and Microblogging and was by far the best session of the day. Jon Henshaw and David Snyder gave excellent presentations showing us how to set-up an Online Marketing Campaign from start to finish using some combination of twitter tools like SocialOomph (for scheduling tweets and DMs), WildFireApp and BlvdStatus (for statistics) to name a few.

Further discussions included how to get quality followers as opposed to random tweeters. To sum it up, quality always beats quality where Twitter is concerned.

I personally took some time in between to catch up with some much needed CSS and HTML coding updates. Speakers Todd Keup, Ted Ulle and Dave Werth shared new tricks with CSS3 (still not compatible with all browsers!). Check out and

Missed out on the afternoon session: Top Shelf SEO, the room was so packed out it could barely fit another soul. I guess that soul was yours truly.

Moved on to Experts on PR and Twitter Session, a rehash of the above, this time using public relations campaigns through Twitter. Some good PR monitoring tools were shared like: SocialMention, PitchEngine and TweetEffect.

It’s good to be back at Pubcon, always a great place to network and meet new people. More to follow later



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