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The Digital Medical Revolution Is Already Taking Place

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team

A medical revolution is already under way, but it’s not what you think. As government and industry sort out the Health Care Reform Act, there has been a quieter medical revolution everybody will benefit from — Republicans, Democrats, Independents; basically anyone with a pulse!

It’s called the HITECH Stimulus Package. This government-funded incentive program comes in the form of revamping electronic health record systems that will help doctors become more efficient and effective in serving their patients.

New Website to Educate and Transition Medical Practices

With the launch of All Medical Solutions new website, doctors have access to the information needed to help them transition their practice to EHR. All Medical Solutions is on the leading edge of this digital medical revolution. Positioned as the one-stop EHR transition specialist, AMS will ensure understanding, implementation, compliance, systems transition, and stimulus reimbursement.

The task of the Web Success Team was to develop the All Medical Solutions brand into a powerful and informative website that is responsive to the medical professionals desire to understand how the HITECH Act will impact their practice. The centerpiece of the website is a complimentary Webinar to educate and address questions and concerns of doctors and medical administrators — and draw attention to the client’s services.

Clarity and Design Build Confidence

Because clarity was a paramount consideration, we designed the navigation to emphasize the main components of the stimulus program in large easy to read buttons: What is the HiTech Act? Do I Qualify? Maximize Your Reimbursement. Our Promise. Medical FAQs . Another set of prominent navigation buttons included: The Transition Process; Free Consultation; Upcoming Events.

The site is very clean and white with two-tones of blue, light and dark for highlights. The content is crisp and in short paragraph bursts with accompanying subheads. Each page clearly explains the main stimulus issues, explains the benefits of the new digital system and identifies the advantages of using the client’s services. The Team also created their logo to emphasize strength in designing the medical designation AMS with the tag All Medical Solutions in smaller print blocked below the initials.

The AMS website is not only easy to navigate and inform at a glance, but it also encourages the visitor to want to learn more. The installed content management system allows the client to update content and images and reduce maintenance costs. The site is fully optimized for the search engines and has the appropriate keyword rich content.

A Win-Win When Client and Customers Connect

Finally, the main focus of the website is to generate brand exposure and allow medical professionals the opportunity to connect with All Medical Solutions through their informative webinar, conducted by a recognized health IT futurist. The webinar will give the attendees the opportunity to contact our client in finding out more about transitioning their practice to EHR and take advantage of the stimulus package.

In the end, it’s a win-win for our client and their medical marketplace. When both parties find benefit when their individual needs are met.

The Web Success Team specializes in developing and marketing direct response websites that take full advantage of the latest developments on the Internet. The Team has an arsenal of effective web strategies, online marketing tools and proven customized social media techniques to promote your products and services. And we’ll show you ways to increase the amount of qualified traffic to your site.

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