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MerchantCircle Attracts New Customers for Local Businesses

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team

Want more exposure on the Internet? Then you must join MerchantCircle. It is the largest social media networking site that connects over 1 million local businesses with their neighborhood consumers. It not only gives companies more exposure, it builds relationships with your community, has the ability to advertise specials, offer coupons, posts consumer reviews, blog, publicize events, upload pictures and communicate with other local business owners. Best of all it is simple to join and inexpensive to use.

MerchantCircle Platform

Consider the cost of a yellow page ad or print newspaper. MerchantCircle affords local business owners to advertise at a fraction of the cost and place your business in front of your customers. For example, if a consumer is hungry and lives in Calabasas, California. He or she simply enters the keyword Pizza and their city and up pops a list of businesses that fit the search profile. One can then check out the business, see the consumer rating, download a MerchantCircle coupon and enjoy their pizza in about 30 minutes.

Win-Win for Merchants and Consumers

Social Media Networking is about building relationships. MerchantCircle makes it easy for merchants to connect with their neighbors. It’s a win-win for both parties. Merchants gain business, help the local economy and create jobs. Consumers enjoy the benefits of discounted products and services as well as find reliable merchants through their review system and testimonials.

Since coupons are growing in popularity as a driving force in obtaining new customers, MerchantCircle has created a “Neighbors” program. MerchantCircle Neighbors can highlight their favorite local business and receive the latest deals and news for these merchants. Local shoppers can also write and swap reviews, create favorite business merchant lists or create their own local CouponBook.

5 Reasons to Join MerchantCircle

  1. Promote Your Business Online: When you list your business (which includes a blog, newsletter, coupons and customer ratings) you can also personalize it by adding videos and photo images.
  2. Search Engine Visibility: This will increase your chances of being found through search.
  3. Online Reputation Tracking: See what is being said about your business, have the ability to manage and control it along with customer reviews.
  4. Advertise on Google and Yahoo!: MerchantCircle will allow you to create an ad and publish it on their network and ad networks like Google and Yahoo!
  5. Receive Customer Referrals: You can link with other local merchants and create a network of referrals to help grow your business and build web success.

Creating a listing for your Business

Take a test drive and join now. It’s fast, easy and free to create a listing. Get connected to this fast growing social network. It’s worth it if you are a neighborhood business.


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