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The New Wave to Engagement in Social Media: Relationship Marketing


By Janette Speyer and Alison Brown, Web Success Tea

Relationship marketing is the new wave of social media marketing that engages people on a deeper level than ever before. It attempts to forge a relationship between a brand and a consumer so that the customer feels a personal connection to a product.  Marketers do this by making people feel included in the evolution of the brand by allowing people to interact online either by voting, participating in conversations, or by rating their favorite products.  This powerful type of marketing is becoming the focus of a lot of campaigns because not only it is it effective, but the emphasis is on building trust and having an open communication with consumers, which eventually become loyal customers.

Relationship Marketing:  A Tale of a Brand & Consumer EngagementBenefits of Open Communication

Having a two-way dialogue with consumers benefits not only the consumer, but also the brand. Consumers feel like they are more involved with the transformation of a product and companies can receive valuable feedback from people and see what aspects of the marketing strategy are working, and what aspects need improvement. Customers are a lot more receptive when they feel like  a company cares enough to listen to their opinion. Businesses can also see the influence of their products first hand and figure out ways to constantly improve so that they will gain a loyal following.

Companies like Apple have succeeded in developing a loyal fan base through some of the most innovative engagement techniques out there. Their stores feature all of their products, ready to be explored and played with as soon as you walk through the door. Apple products also have a heavy focus on the consumer and are always making sure that we know that they are working on ways to improve their technology to make the user experience more pleasurable. Apple fans may be some of the most engaged customers on the market, always looking forward to new products to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on.

Using Social Media to Develop a Loyal Fan Base

Social media has really become the key player in the fortification of these brand/ consumer relationships by serving as the medium for open dialogue discussions.  A strong social media presence can really help strengthen your brand online, especially if you are consistent with posting content. Being consistent with your social media efforts can help you brand yourself and get leads and sales while also building trust and becoming an authority in your field. The more online presence you have, the better your transparency and the more likely people will be to trust you. People are also more likely to trust a brand that knows what they’re talking about — whether its through a blog, or informative social media posts about your industry, developing an online voice is imperative if you want to generate a loyal following.

Developing a Social Media Strategy Can Be Difficult…

Developing a strategy that meets your brand’s needs is difficult because there are a lot of variables to consider. If you can start by identifying a goal as to what social requirements you want to fulfill, you can then determine which social media strategy best suits your needs. If your company is new to social media marketing, it would be helpful to collaborate with social media marketing experts so you can maximize your ROI and ensure that your goals are met. Social media branding has helped a lot of companies cultivate a loyal following, so start engaging with customers today. Even if the first step is to create a Facebook fan page for your company and share it with friends, getting your name out in the online world can only open doors to more business. Now who can complain about that? 


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