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Putting Out the Fire: Why You Need a Reputation Policy in Place.

How it happened and Why it's important to have a reputation policy. Our client was getting ugly complaints from all over social media. Not from a troll per se, but from an influencer who only wanted “certain” people to partake in her product giveaway on behalf of our client. That being said, our agency works diligently at building a solid online presence for our clients. We were proud of the traction and the visibility this brand was getting. Suddenly, we got an urgent phone call. We...

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Amp Up Your Website to Get More Viewers

By  Sloan McKinney & Janette Speyer ––  For all of the possibilities to explore in the world of web design, 2014 can be a difficult time for smaller businesses. Many find themselves in a state of flux, stuck between a full-fledged requirement to build their business through the Internet, or continuing with the traditional business model. The cost of designing an appealing website is more often a major determining factor for businesses. The Internet has created a global marketplac...

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What Clients NEED in an Online Marketing Partnership

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team What makes a successful relationship between a client and a marketing provider? As a partner in an online marketing agency, we always strive to find the right formula to keep our customers engaged. After many years we have found that it’s not that complicated. Here are a few simple rules to keep your customer content and wanting more.   Actively listen: A company will come to you with a set of concerns and they will expect you to help them find ...

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