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Using Google Hangouts For Business

By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill

Do you have some or any virtual communication in your work environment? Then you should try Google Hangouts for your business. Hangouts lives inside a network (Google Plus) where you already have your marketing and branding set up. There you can chat with clients or coworkers live on video for free! Here are all the other reasons you should consider using Google Hangouts for your business.

Customer Education: Once you have held a hangout, you might notice that you can upload that right to YouTube! A creative use of this link is using that recording to make it easy for customers to watch your HoA (the hip way of saying “Hangout On Air”). This gives you the opportunity to educate those who weren’t there live for your webinars, tutorials or any other beneficial educational content for your internal or external clients.

Promotion: That YouTube link is also a free way to promote your business. Put up the link to your HoA on your website, other social platforms or even in marketing emails. You can also use this platform to hold a hangout and do a giveaway or a big announcement, drawing in tons of extra folks yearning for that coveted prize or highly anticipated news! Both are great ways to gain more traffic to your site.

Saving Overhead: Perhaps you have already priced out platforms for virtual meetings; even Skype has a cost when you add on all the bells and whistles. Google wants you on their social platform, so to entice you they offer this tool for free. What do you get? They provide you with; live edit, scratchpads, free video conferencing for up to 10 people, screenshare, a web address for your hangout is provided for sharing (which makes it easier to invite people), and they even have studio mode, which improves the sound quality of musicians’ live-streamed concerts.

Google Hangouts offers a platform that is economically friendly, provides bonus opportunities for promotion and is a platform to educate your customers, all for free! Not only that, but as long as you (and those you’re talking to) are on Google+, you can start a video chat in just a few clicks, and in a matter of seconds without downloading software as you do with most other virtual conferencing platforms. Learn more about the steps to starting your first HoA .

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