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The Business of Schmoozing in Social Media

By Bob and Janette Speyer, Web Success Team –

Let’s face it, we are all social creatures, always have been, always will be. We continually find new ways to communicate, express ourselves and just be heard! Sometimes we put foot in mouth, other times we wax poetic. We are full of contradictions and at times just full of ourselves.

But I imagine the worst of it is being plain dull. Schmoozing is an art form, be it in person or in the digital space. We can be easily offended face-to-face and therefore can be guarded in our comments. Social Media is more impersonal and by definition more candid. You post with your heart expecting “likes”, thumbs up or supportive comments; but sometimes you get pointed remarks that aren’t warm and fuzzy.

Social Media is a mixed bag and that’s what makes it most intriguing. Connecting, reconnecting and sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions and recommendations.

The Business of Schmoozing

For business, the Art of Schmoozing is essential if one is to be successful in social media to promote your brand, generate brand awareness and increase your reach. Many companies are strictly business, believing “If we push product, offer incentives and discounts, people will greedily grab them and place an order.” NOT SO!

Today’s consumers are much more savvy, wanting to feel a connection to a brand, relate to “its personality” and feel good about interacting with it. Hence the Art of Schmoozing. Companies need to do more to humanize their brand by posting entertaining and whimsical content along with the “facts”, “benefits”, and “uniqueness”.

Smell the Coffee

We have a coffee roastery client that specializes in exotic blends from the four corners of the world. Their packaging and quality are exceptional and are now promoting their own brand label to accompany their “bread and butter” private label business. In building up their Facebook and Twitter platforms, we are posting interesting historical factoids about coffee and using clever and humorous images that garner significant engagement that resonates with people. Posts about where to buy, how coffee is roasted are necessary, but don’t get nearly the comments and likes.

In the Final Analysis

Don’t forget the “social” in Social Media. Brands that talk with consumers will get more engagement, build loyal relationships, and continue the conversation. Be interesting, be knowledgeable, be creative, and for goodness sake – don’t be dull!

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