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How to Overcome the Social Media Time Crunch Syndrome

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –  

Ever think or say, “Too much to do and not enough time to do it.” I often hear my clients commenting about time spent on social media marketing and catching up to the ever-changing technology. It’s the proverbial Hamster Wheel Syndrome when it comes to implementing new online marketing strategies for their business.

The general consensus is that they simply have no more time to get the job done. This translates to “I can’t learn this” or “I can’t keep up” and it can be quite daunting. However it is essential to keep up with changes and these happen no matter how much you want to blame this on a “lack of time.” 

A Pain Free Approach to the “No Time” Paradox:

Sales: If you are in sales you still have to sell, so why not add a few more tools in your arsenal to help your sales efforts by spending some time online managing your prospects. With a quick check-in on LinkedIn you can:

  1. Touch base with existing clients
  2. Connect with new prospects
  3. Email replies
  4. Manages references 

Networking: If you have to network with existing and future customers why not add Facebook as a network management tool. On Facebook you can:

  1. Network and maintain relationships
  2. Meet new people in a more casual atmosphere
  3. Connect with old business acquaintances

Promoting Your Business: You still have to get your name out there. Therefore you need promotional materials such as direct mail pieces, adverts, sell sheets and brochures (in pdf format), so why not create blogs, Facebook pages, and online promotions. This is still part of the bigger advertising picture and necessary to promote your business.

Time Management: Take a systematic approach to integrating new online tools into your marketing efforts. I call it the “drip method” where you irrigate your field of prospects by developing an online marketing plan of action. Be task oriented and determine your first, second and third order of priorities. If you have the employee-power, give them assignments and a date for review, implementation, and completion. If you have limited staff or are an entrepreneur, then tackle them one at a time. Doing one well will pay off rather than rushing to complete all activities half-heartedly and become overwhelmed or discouraged from lack of results. 

The End Game: “If you want to get things done, give it to a busy person.” Because you value your time, maximize your efficiency. Taking on “new technology” tasks is a matter of getting stuck in and doing it. You don’t have to change the way you work, just work smarter. The only thing that changes is the tools of delivery. Apply the same skill sets that are your strength to online marketing and you will find the rewards.

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