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Why Cyber Tuesday Makes Sense!

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –  

Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping weekend of the year fueled by Black Friday & Cyber Monday and now Grey Thursday. Everyone is gearing up to cherry pick the best deals on their wish lists. Marketers are salivating at the opportunity to promote their clients’ brands and the masses are willing to “benefit” from their largesse.

As a consumer I am in ready, set, go mode to pick through the clutter. As an online marketer I have to break through the clutter — or do I?

“Breaking the Mold”

Part of online marketing is to think out of the box – to “break the rules” – and use a tactic that is less mainstream. That’s why we are recommending our clients to lengthen the promotion to Tuesday; but not just extend it, rather make it its own entity to create marketing buzz! Here are a few reasons to create a Cyber Tuesday:

  1. The opportunity to promote surplus items not sold on Cyber Monday.
  2. To take advantage of “The Day After” To create brand awareness campaigns to build more consumer attention to your brand and encourage shoppers to take advantage of another day to shop for a deal.
  3. Cut through the retail clutter by offering “special deals” for late shoppers.

Start with give the promotion a name like “Cyber Tuesday – 24-hour savings”. Nothing gets shopper attention more than a novel tactic. And it should be backed up by an even greater discount. For it to be most effective, announce it on Twitter. Have a teaser campaign to “get ready” for Cyber Tuesday! And conduct the promotion through Facebook to garner “likes” is another pro-active tactic.

In the Final Analysis… go where few have feared to tread. Shoppers will be happy to get another chance for more savings and brands will get increased consumer attention and brand loyalty, creating a win-win for all.

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  1. DigitalPugs
    November 13th, 2013 6:34  / 

    Hi Bob Speyer,

    Great… it seems that why we need to think out of the box.

    Thanks Keep Posting 🙂

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