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The Perfect Tweet with Real-Time Scheduling

By Camille McClane —  

Twitter has helped bridge the gap between companies and consumers by providing a mode of communication that is both up-to-date and immediate. The platform seems over-crowded with content, so how do you capture your desired reader’s attention with the right tweet at the right moment? Here are some tips:

The Right Time

Just because there are millions of users on twitter, doesn’t mean that they’re all focused on you. You need to know when your target audience is even online and reading.

You might use a tool like to analyze your follower’s recent activity to give you some idea of when they are active. Users click through links more on evenings and weekends. Here are other general stats that can serve as a guide shared in this article by author Dan Zarella.

The Right Frequency

You don’t want to just dump all your interesting content during the most active time of the day and hope for the best. Aside from putting all your eggs in the basket your data built, it also ignores those users with different schedules who might not be online during peak times. The key to a strong online presence is using social media marketing to grow your visibility. Obviously, you want to devote the majority of your effort to the busy times, but not all of it. Spread your posts throughout the day.

Twitter introduced schedule tweets last year for marketers; there are also various other apps and programs that will schedule your tweets and social media posts in advance, releasing them at a specified time.

You know the importance of having interesting content, so now you can set up posts outside of the peak hours to reach more readers. Considering the fact that time zones are different for some of your target audience, you can also schedule some content for their peak times, even if it isn’t the same as your local peak time.

The Right Occasions

Not all days are created equal. Since many users rely on social media when it comes to shopping recommendations, retail intense periods like Black Friday or the month of December can be a great time to schedule your various deals and promotions. After all, you want to get people talking about your brand when they’re most likely to buy.

Don’t forget to use corresponding hashtags relating to the holiday, either of those that are already trending if they apply, or one of your own invention.

The Right Real-Time

Completely scheduling your social media interactions may be efficient, but it has the added disadvantage of being decidedly impersonal; something that many people seem to sense. While not everything can be catered to every individual, it’s a good idea to join the live conversation as it happens, allowing for questions, responses and other interaction to feel real and personalized for the users involved and those reading.

Investigate the trending and recently trending hashtags that pertain to your brand and scroll through the conversations to see if they apply to you, then engage the users as you see fit. Check out resources like Mention, Hashtag-ify and Tagboard to help you identify the hashtags and conversations that apply to you.

Be prepared to interact with real life events with creative real-time tweets such as what Oreo did during the Super Bowl power outage.


Camille McClaneCamille McClane is a writer, researcher and editor, who specializes in web hosting and social media. Her favorite subject to focus on is emerging technology trends and its overall effect within business expansion and relations. She hopes the readers of enjoy this article as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph
    March 26th, 2014 20:22  / 

    I like your approach Camille.

    Smart tweeting dictates some deep, intensive thinking and planning. We use twitter at different times and respond to tweet frequencies differently too.

    I hit twitter hard link wise but all links share value, and I also engage frequently to gain trust.


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