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Social Media has opened our appetite.

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team

Eating has taken on a whole new meaning since the popularity of social media and the explosion of smartphone usage. I remember when food was simply something I ate and when full, I was never tempted to think about it or eat more! It was a time when junk food tasted great and cooking was what your mother did. I, of course, didn’t have time to cook, I was working! That is what pizza and Mac and cheese were for – quick, easy and filling!

No so today! Eating has become a big part of everything we do and think about. We take pictures of foods, blog about food, watch TV shows relating to the chemistry of cooking. We are self-proclaimed gourmets and chefs. Now I find myself pulling out my smartphone to take pictures of food at restaurants. My kitchen has turned into a cooking lab where I test different foods and condiments to see what tastes good. I carefully choose my wine. In essence, I am now officially a #Foodie. I don’t eat red meat, but even so all types of diets are welcome in this food related world we now live in.

How to Tell the World that You Like Food…


Since I work in marketing and many of my clients are food related, my BFF Instagram has helped me spread the word not only for myself, but also for my clients. I have discovered more like-minded “friends” – chefs and foodies. Where #FoodPorn was once a dubious word, it is now a key search term to find connections.


Food chemistry and #Foodie. Writing about eating is a great pastime. It’ means to find connections and friends that always will enjoy eating and drinking. It goes without saying if you post it, they will eat, virtually speaking.


If you love food, you must go on #Foodiechats every Monday at 5pm PST. Many restaurants, vineyards, chefs and food service pros take part in this entertaining event. They all share pictures of what they ate. The event garners around 15M impressions. If you have a brand that relates to Foodservice then you should consider sponsoring #Foodiechats with @SteveGoGreen. This is a great marketing opportunity.


Facebook asks: “What’s on your mind?” Food, what else! My friends always tell me, Janette, I don’t care what you ate for breakfast. But my research always tells me that they want to eat my breakfast! My profile engagement goes up by 20% when I share food and so will yours no matter how many people complain. We eat with our eyes.

Dinner Is Served!

Vittles, food, nourishment, diet and all the above are now part of social media. Not only are we “more” aware of what we eat, but also all this focus has brought to light the quality of our food and the impact it has on our health. However, this is a post topic for another time. Bon Appetit!



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