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Quick Tips to Increase Conversion and Maximize Sales for the Holidays!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, you are now gearing up for the XMAS Holiday Season. Purchasing is still on the mind of consumers, especially during this time of the year! To take advantage of the buying frenzy, there is always an opportunity to launch a new promotion or incentive to buy. Shoppers are always looking for deals and last minute gifts.

As a good marketer, your website is loaded with new products and your advertising program is ready to roll. You are spending on social advertising, getting traffic to your landing pages and expecting increased sales.

THE BIG MISTAKE… Are you maximizing conversion from this traffic?

Unfortunately many websites and landing pages make a consumer’s shopping experience difficult forcing the prospective customers to leave without purchasing. You want to maximize market share and profits and not leave money “on the table” or missed opportunities.

How do you solve this problem?

The obvious solution is to fix your website as soon as possible. But, wait, it’s the holiday season! Now is not the time to mess with a website. You need a quick solution to get your shoppers shopping or at least interested in your products.

Here are a few “quick” workarounds to get you started:

  1. An Amazon, Ebay or Etsy store can come in very handy at this time. If you don’t have a store you can create one even if you just have to add a few of your top sellers.
  2. Announcing Facebook’s NEW shopping tool. They have just launched it the last few days. With a Stripe account, you can create a couple of offers and voila! You are ready to sell. Caution, this is still in beta, but never-the-less it is worth trying.Stripe Account
  3. Send shoppers to retail partners. Do other e-Commerce websites carry your product line? You can promote their websites. A sale is a sale no matter where it comes from. Here is an example ad that we use for our client to sell through their retail partners:iHerb Post
  4. Create landing pages specifically to purchase items on sale. If you have time, you can create a special landing page that will have visitors shop directly from this page with a one-click checkout to make the process easy.

The one advantage of online marketing and online shopping is that everything is made so easy and flexible to obtain desired results. Besides the ability to test and track you also can change and adapt to your consumers needs on the fly.

Happy selling and shopping!

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