How we use Instagram and Snapchat in our Marketing Strategy ​

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How we use Instagram and Snapchat in our Marketing Strategy ​

I just came across this article on eMarketer. Instagram ‘Hugely Effective’ for Ben & Jerry’s. It compelled me to share our experiences.


Most of our clients are B2C, so this app was an ideal fit. Instagram is visual, appealing and simple. We have been advertising on Instagram for the better part of a year. We have found that the app gets us far more exposure than any other platform. Since it’s visual we are able to “tell the story” in a compelling way. Here is what we have found:


  • We got more engagement on Instagram than any other platform. (Granted most of what we promote is food!).
  • We did get clicks to our websites, but they didn’t necessarily make a purchase.
  • Our impressions and reach went up some 30%.
  • Our cost per engagement went down substantially.
  • The outcome: We still recommend that our clients continue to use Instagram for advertising. It does build brand awareness.


  • More interest from the right target markets.
  • Hashtagging makes it easy for users to find you by interest so you can cut through the clutter.
  • A pleasant surprise: It seems to be a great outreach tool for influencers and media.
  • There are many great influencers that can help with your marketing efforts.
  • People are “shopping” on Instagram. Yes, they are influenced by what they see and like.
  • The outcome: A win, win for all!


Snapchat is more about Social Selling. When your friends snap your products, it’s an endorsement! It’s a personal opinion from someone you know and trust, so it’s a win.

We have not tried Snapchat advertising yet, but we have worked with influencers. Our programs are in the early stages so it is hard to get meaningful analytics. We do believe that Snapchat offers many creative options for fun with brands.

  • Snapchat is a fun app that targets millennials, although I think the demo is slowly changing as more people start using it.
  • There are many good influencers on Snapchat; it’s time to reach out to them.
  • Snapchat is ideal for “social selling”, as it is a good “tell a friend” marketing tool.
  • Snapchat can replace the old school “street teams” and guerilla marketing strategy.
  • Geofilters are a great way to “unify” your tribe and create a cultural buzz around your brand. Look at Taco Bell for an example.
  • The outcome: Jump on the bandwagon, I think this platform is here to stay.

Every day is a new day in a digital marketing agency. The exciting part is embracing new and engaging marketing solutions. We always have to stay ahead of the curve.

Have you tried any of these mobile apps for your marketing campaigns? Please share @websuccess

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