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10 Creative Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing

Everyone gets writer’s block from time to time. It’s easy to get stuck and run out of ideas about what topics to write. If more content means more business, then you want to avoid getting stuck! One way to do this is to make a checklist of content ideas that can help you be more effective.

1. Your Knowledge of the Field

Some interesting ideas could stem from your knowledge of the field you’re in. Think about something you learned when you were new to the industry. Have you ever had any epiphanies? People will want to read about them.  Any insight you can offer? They may seem like common sense to you but might be of great help for newbie’s that are starting out.

2. Experiences with Your Clients

Previous experiences with clients can also help inspire new ideas about various topics. If there are recurring questions or trends that you’ve noticed, those could be great subjects to write about. The kind of advice you offer to clients on a regular basis can be a good starting point for a topic.

New software or technolgy that’s supposed to help with social media campaigns would interest your clients. Your opinions and your knowledge in the field matter.

3. Customer Service – from Both Sides

If you’ve run out of ideas talk about other topics that relate to business such as customer service. There are always new and innovative ways to improve customer service and customer relations. Do a little research, ask your clients or take a social media poll to find out what they think about your services. This will get you thinking about ways to improve your customer strategy.

4. Big News and Interviews

People are always interested in the latest news. Grab your reader’s attention with interviews with experts in the field. Also, interviewing colleagues, can help spark ideas. Write a piece on a fellow colleague’s achievement. Have a professional in your company run a podcast and give advice to clients who are just starting out. They would much appreciate solid tips from someone who is a veteran.

5. Your Opinions on Your Subject

What do you believe in? If you think your industry is headed in a certain direction, you could share insights with your audience. Such as, your opinions about what tech platforms are more effective. Write and share why you think so. Also, the more persuasive and confident you sound about your beliefs, the more likely people will be to trust your brand.

6. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a good way to start an open dialogue with your readers. It’s a surefire way to get a conversation started about common questions that people may have about your industry. People also love to share their opinions. Creating a forum for people to discuss their concerns will ensure that their attention is captured. Additionally, starting an open dialogue with customers can help build trust between them and your brand.

7. Answer Questions

Are there common questions that customers keep asking you? You could write an article about various frequently asked questions that you’d been receiving. If you pick questions that could apply to your entire field, the likelihood of increasing the visibility of your article goes up. It’s also always nice for customers to conveniently read an article that answers questions in a straightforward manner without having to search for it.

8. Social Media Shares

Go Social. Visit your social media channels and ask people about topics they’re interested in. If you can get a good conversation flowing on these platforms, ideas should start flowing. Sometimes your greatest resources are in your immediate circle, so why not take advantage of them?

9. Get Controversial

We are conditioned to pay attention to controversy, whether it is from our celebrities, politicians or the economy (need I say more). We love to be shocked or at the very least offer our opinion. Take a hot button issue in your industry and write about it. The more controversial, the more traffic or attention your post will attract. Obviously you don’t want to get too personal and tarnish your reputation, but a little pot stirring can set things in motion. Like the old adage, “It’s better to be talked about, than ignored.”

10. Humor Engages Readers

Everybody wants to be entertained. Humor breaks down barriers and makes people more receptive to your message. People will breeze through your post if you sprinkle a little personality into it. A recent post included a cartoon with Steve Jobs standing at the pearly gates in front of God and Moses, with God saying, “Moses, meet Steve; he’s going to update your tablets!”

Your Comments Are Appreciated!

We welcome readers to comment on how you avoid topic block and share some of your successful techniques to boost your readership and traffic.



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