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Utilizing Twitter Hashtags to Market Your Business

By Bob Speyer and Kristin Tomlinson

What Are Hashtags?

Once you’ve begun the process of using Twitter, you’ll begin to notice phrases embedded in people’s tweets that are known as “hashtags.” A hashtag is a word or phrase in a tweet that has a “#” prefix (the “#” is a “hash” symbol, hence the root of the name). A hashtag is an easy way for people to search tweets that have a similar topic, a similar interest or can be targeted towards a specific geographic area or audience. For example, if you search on #AmericanIdol, you’ll get a list of tweets and fans related to that TV show.

How Hashtags Can Be Used to Market Your Business

Businesses are jumping on the “hashtag” bandwagon because they’re beginning to see a major payoff in how much hashtags increase brand awareness and sales. Hashtags are used in a variety of ways to gain more brand recognition. Hashtags can be used to promote an event that your company is putting on or to advertise the launch of a new and exciting product so that consumers, fans, and readers can follow it. A hashtag can also be attached to an already existing hashtag i.e.; #websuccessteam #onlinemarketing for more exposure. Finally, hashtags are often used to target a certain demographic and offer products and services to that specific clientele.

5 Reasons to Use Hashtags in Your Tweets:

Here’s a list of some reasons why hashtags can be used in tweets:

1. To Stay “In the Know”: Companies and businesses alike use hashtags as a communication tool to stay connected with employees via Twitter to make sure they’re staying on top of specific tasks and make customers more aware of company news and changes in the business.

2. To Connect: Hashtags are a great tool to utilize when you want to connect to a certain audience or specific topic of interest to you. For example, many people used “#stimulusbill” in their tweets when they wanted to discuss and get other opinions on that issue.

3. To Network: If you plan on attending a venue or event for work (or pleasure), using a hashtag is a great way to meet people that may be attending the same event and to connect with them. Whether you’re attending a concert or conference, adding a hashtag with the name of the event is a great tool to see who else plans on attending.

4. To Get Updates: Hashtags are a great way for people to get the latest news and “up-to-date” stories regarding earthquakes, fires, and natural disasters. “#Haiti” was a major trending topic to raise awareness and promote relief efforts.

5. To Follow Trends: To see the latest changes in peoples interest, important topics, or controversial issues, hashtags are a great way to follow popular topics that are of particular importance to certain people on a particular day.

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Follow the Trend

Hashtags are a great way to unite tweets from around the globe that are centered around a particular topic of particular interest. Hashtags are a great way to promote business and community by helping others who seek to find similar content discover your Tweets.

Hashtags are platforms used to express opinion and knowledge on a wide variety of content. Placing a hashtag in Tweets is extremely popular and is a great tool that can be incorporated into your personal and professional life.



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