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Does Your Business Solve Problems?

By Alyse Speyer – Web Success Team Contributor

Think about it. Would Steve Jobs have gotten to where he is today if his company didn’t solve problems, if his product presentations were awful? There’s a reason why people wait for MacWorld each year. Jobs not only has good products and great investor presentations, but he creates buzz and excitement about his products.


He solves problems and presents the solutions in an exciting and interesting light.

Ok, so how can small businesses do the same? Well, it starts with you and your company.

What Problem Do You Solve?

Your product or service must solve a problem otherwise you wouldn’t have started the business in the first place. Figure out the problem and how your company helps people or businesses solve it. You can even gain inspiration from testimonials. Breaking your company down to the key reasons why your products or services exist will help you gain perspective on how you can boost your business to the next level. Remember, this is a two-part question: What problem do you solve, and how do you solve it?

What Sets You Apart from the Competition?

Your products and/or services should all have a unique selling proposition (USP), or something that sets you apart from your competition. You solved a problem, now what makes this solution better than anyone else’s? Take some time to research your competition and discover the gaps and opportunities where your company succeeds and fails.

Why Is Your Solution Exciting?

Now it’s time to get your blood pumping! This is your business, and you should be excited because you found this amazing solution to a problem that will help people. In order for people to be engaged with your solution, you need to be excited about it and your copy should reflect this. Your website should inspire people to fix their problems and learn more about the solutions.

How Do You Present Yourself?

Presentation is playing an ever-increasing role in how people buy online. Make sure that your website is not only easy to use, but easy to understand. Remember who you are trying to engage and why. Discover where your audience is and present to them on the platform of their choice.

Now that you are excited about your business, don’t fall into the trap of only talking about yourself. Be sure that you stand out to the consumer and get them excited about solving their problems with your products and/or services.

Alyse Speyer is an Content Strategist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, and a published poet. She has written on the topics of Online Marketing, Social Media, and Lead Generation for ClickZ, Visibility Magazine, and Women in Business Online Magazine. Alyse currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

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