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Running Your Online Business While Traveling to Another Country

  By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team Editor’s note: This article was published in 2009 on a trip to South East Asia, were we traveled and ran the Web Success Team while on the go. This is still relevant information. Wi-Fi and Internet cafes are everywhere and with the advent of tablets and smartphones we are able to go anywhere without interruption. Our Web Success team staff writer is presently in Australia and contributing from there. Traveling and running a business sounds li...

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Super Bowl Marketing: The Game within the Game

By Bob Speyer – Web Success Team The Super Bowl is a lot like Christmas – for advertisers, consumers, sports fans, and just about anybody with a TV and chips. Aside from the entertainment value, major corporations down to the small business want to capitalize on the Super Bowl and ride its coattails to profit. (more…)

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Does Your Business Solve Problems?

By Alyse Speyer – Web Success Team Contributor Think about it. Would Steve Jobs have gotten to where he is today if his company didn’t solve problems, if his product presentations were awful? There’s a reason why people wait for MacWorld each year. Jobs not only has good products and great investor presentations, but he creates buzz and excitement about his products. How? He solves problems and presents the solutions in an exciting and interesting light. Ok, so how can small b...

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Building a Better Website Experience to Capture Leads

By Alyse Speyer – Web Success Team Contributor It’s that time of year again. Where we buckle down and make our resolutions for… a better and more effective website! Whatever your online marketing plans are for 2011, all roads point to capturing new leads and closing more sales. In order to do this, you must assess why your website isn’t capturing the leads that you want or, if you are getting leads, how to get more qualified leads. (more…)

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How to Sell Ice to Virtual Eskimos

  By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team The art of selling in today’s digital workplace has never been easier and never been harder at the same time. That’s definitely a contradiction, but so is Selling Ice to Eskimos. On first inspection, they “obviously” don’t need ice. And it’s a hard, if not impossible sell at best! On closer inspection don’t Eskimos have the same needs and desires that we “southerners” have? We buy things that we don’t need or spend more mon...

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