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How Google+ Can Help Grow Small Businesses


By Janette Speyer and Allison Brown –Web Success Team

The launch of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have played an integral role in shaping the way that information is shared and distributed globally. Information is now distributed more efficiently and faster than ever, and you can help drive more traffic to your website and grow your business just by sharing and redistributing information about your company with these social media platforms.

Google entered the social media arena with Google Buzz. But now, with the development of GooglePlus (Google+), Google has added another free service that can help circulate information more efficiently than ever before, something that can be very beneficial to small businesses. By taking advantage of key features that allow you to connect with current and potential clients, Google+ can help enhance your company in many ways.

Grow Your Business with Google+


Google+ vs Facebook – Which Features Are Better Geared Towards Businesses?

Targeting Your Audience

Certain features that Google+ offers can be utilized to share and receive information that interests you, as well as your clients. One advantage that Google+ has over Facebook is that when you post a link to an article or website, it can be shared and viewed globally, or throughout the Google+ world allowing you to target specific messages to specific audiences. While with Facebook, security settings keep your posts hidden within your close circle of friends and limit your exposure to the rest of the world.

Sending “Sparks” of Information

Another helpful feature called “Sparks,” allows you to view and share articles, blogs and websites that are related to your personal interests. For instance, if you own small landscaping company, your website has the potential to be viewed by people who add “landscaping” to their interests. This makes it easier for people to browse the web and keep themselves updated on current trends, all within one page of a website.

Cultivating “Special” Relationships Online

Google+ allows you to cultivate relationships online by adding people to your “circles.” This feature makes it possible to share information with special audiences. By creating custom “circles,” you can focus on certain groups based on your business needs. Whether they are loyal customers or potential customers, you can send people in your circles coupons, tips or other information that relates to your business and based on your various relationships with them.

Be Found!

Also, because of Google’s dominance over the search engine world, when you share information via Google+, it will automatically be incorporated into Google searches. As more people join Google+ and take advantage of all its features, the Google search engine algorithm will become even more efficient and specific to your needs. As this happens overtime, your business can gain exposure to people who are looking for the exact services you offer.

The Google Phenomenon

Since Google is already a trusted and established brand because of other services such as Gmail, GoogleMaps and GooglePlaces, people are more likely to trust that the Google+ platform will be a helpful tool as well. By integrating Google+ with other Google services that you probably already use — such as optimizing your online marketing for search, much of your business needs can be conveniently met within the realm of Google.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Feature

Additionally, since small businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth, Google+ can increase business and grow your client base through trusted connections. People want to use businesses that are highly recommended, and people trust their social network. Since Google is already a trusted brand, people can recommend your company by sharing information about your services within their trusted circles, and potential clients will be more likely to use your company over your competitors.

Have you started using Google+ for your business?

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