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Eliminate the Guesswork with Behavioral Targeting for Your Marketing Campaigns


By Janette Speyer and Alyse Speyer, contributor Web Success Team

When I open my Facebook profile, the right hand side always has ads that are related to my “Likes”. For example, if I “Like” vitamin B12, ads for vitamins and supplements appear. Along with these ads I also get shown my friends choices and “Likes”. This type of marketing is known as Behavioral Targeting and has already started to sweep the nation.

Customer Lifecycle – Web Success Team

Knowing where people are searching or what articles they are reading can help you eliminate the guesswork and to plan your next marketing strategy. Instead of having your marketing team research and calculate what would work for certain demographics depending on psychology and location, you can have them look at people’s pathway data instead. This will help your team discover what people want. You can gear special offers, e-reports or product and service launches toward people who might actually be interested based on their online behavior. Take a customer for example, if they are targeting people that are interested in supplements, they could promote their services and offer a FREE samples for the next 50 people to sign-up.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Behavioral targeting can also be used for online branding, leading people of all interests and geographical locations to your website. When you send out ads to people who are searching in your field of expertise, people will respond whether it is simply brand awareness or click to your site. If the people you are marketing to have been searching in your field of expertise, it is only a matter of time before your brand is established in their memories.

Behavioral targeting is gaining popularity and it is the next big thing in online marketing. As with many brand new marketing strategies, inconsistencies arise. However, behavioral targeting when applied right can produce better results, increasing your click-through rate and exposing your brand.

Do you use behavioral targeting in your online campaigns?
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