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If You Can’t Google a Question, You Should Thumb

By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill
Have you ever had a question that you wanted to have a mass opinion on? If you have ever sat and wondered whether or not you can wear socks with sandals and still look fashionable…fear not, now there’s an app for that.


What is Thumb.it?

If you are looking for the latest addictive app, Thumb is it. With 1.2 million registered users spending an average of 5 hours per month in the app, Thumb provides you with a fun new way to answer your most random questions. It is essentially an app that allows you to ask opinion questions and get instant responses from the highly engaged user base. Besides the fact that Thumb is just a fun idea, it has implemented a gamification element to make users extra engaged, the element being earning a ranking. The more you contribute the more stars you can earn to become an authority in your selected categories of choice.

How to use

First download it to your iPhone or Android and create a profile. Profile creation can take as little as 2 minutes if you aren’t yet invested enough to provide all of your info. Once completed you can then go on to ask a question (with a photo, easy to insert), vote (neutral, thumbs up or thumbs down) and eventually, see results to your questions. If you’re interested in voting, definitely filter your interests or you will receive the most random questions that you will likely not have an opinion on.

Benefits for businesses

  1. Promote your products and services: You can use the app to ask a question about your brand, and consequently, that will reach a good chunk of engaged users.
  2. Get opinions on new products: Go ahead and use Thumb to get feedback from potential customers.
  3. Connect: Once another user comments on your question, you can connect with them. You already know they have an interest, so this is a great lead!

Benefits for users

  1. The obvious: Thumb will give you a forum to utilize the opinion of a wide variety of people all over the country, helping you decide what to do with your burning question.
  2. Make new friends: This is an opportunity to find people with similar interests. Take advantage and invite people with similar passions to connect to your other networks.

Why Thumb.it over other social platforms for an opinion?

Maybe you are already in the habit of turning to your Facebook, Twitter or other social networks for quick opinions, but Thumb.it is not only faster, but you are going to get a broader and larger variety of opinions. According to TechCrunch, you can expect to receive 50 to 100 responses to each question. When I posted my first question (restaurant related) I received 29 responses after only 10 minutes.

Want to try?

The easiest way to get started is to simply enter “thumb” into a search on your iPhone or Android. You can also go to their website and have the link texted to your phone, though I am not sure why you would as it seems like an extra step for no reason. Also, the web version is very similar to the app platforms, but easier to sneak on to at work. If you have any questions or thoughts about the platform, please feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profiles.
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